5 best gaming subreddits for community discussions

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Reddit is a great place to connect with gaming communities and have engaging discussions about your favorite games. However, with thousands of gaming subreddits to choose from, it can be difficult to decide where to focus your time and energy. In this article, we’ll highlight 5 top gaming subreddits that are great starting points for community involvement, questions, news, and more. Each subreddit highlighted provides a lively forum for a specific game or genre, with new posts and comments appearing frequently to keep discussions ongoing.

Whether you’re looking to strategize with other players, get helpful tips and tricks, or just stay up-to-date on the latest gaming news and announcements, Reddit has a vibrant community for virtually any game you enjoy. The subreddits featured here were selected based on their large, active subscriber bases and the quality of discussion that typically takes place. Rather than focusing solely on the most popular current games, we aimed to represent a variety of genres to appeal to different gaming tastes. By participating in the comments, sharing your own experiences, and upvoting high-quality posts, you can become a valuable member of these gaming communities.


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With over 30 million subscribers, /r/gaming is the biggest gaming-related subreddit by a wide margin. As a general gaming forum rather than one focused on a single title, it’s an ideal place to stay up-to-date on news, trailers, and discussions spanning all genres and platforms. You’ll find a healthy mix of serious commentary as well as plenty of hilarious gaming-related memes. It’s a great starting point whether you want to discover new indie games, debate the latest controversies, or get a sense of what’s trending in the wider gaming community at large. Just be prepared for some reposts among all the new content added each day.


PC Gaming

For discussions centered on PC gaming, /r/pcgaming is a premier destination. Here you’ll find hardware reviews, troubleshooting tips, upcoming Steam/Epic releases to watch, and debate surrounding current PC-related controversies like DRM, exclusives, and more. Being a platform-specific subreddit, the discussions go deeper on topics like minimum specs, framerates, peripherals, and modding than you may find in a more general gaming forum. It’s a must-follow whether you’re looking to build or upgrade your rig and want suggestions from experienced builders.


Dark Souls

As one of the most renowned and punishing game series of all time, the Soulsborne games have amassed a dedicated fanbase. /r/darksouls serves that community well with countless boss strategy guides, PvP battle stories, cosplay showcases, and more. Veterans of the series stop by regularly to offer advice to those just getting started, leading to a very helpful atmosphere. It’s fascinating to see how even years later, new nuances are still being discovered in the games’ complex levels and combat systems through the shared experiences on this subreddit.


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For The Elder Scrolls Online MMO in particular, /r/elderscrollsonline is bustling with trade adverts, guild recruitments, build guides, and event discussions. New and veteran players alike congregate here to group up for dungeon runs, plan economy strategies, and share screenshots of their unique character creations. The mod team works hard to maintain a welcoming environment and curb any negativity. It’s an ideal place to find others to explore Tamriel with, whether you’re a solo quester or a dedicated raider.


TES V: Skyrim Modding Community

One of the most beloved open-world RPGs remains a topic of passionate discussion a decade later. /r/skyrim welcomes new players looking for tips as they embark on their first playthrough of Skyrim. It also celebrates the amazing mods that continue enhancing the game’s visuals and adding new quests, overhauls, and more. Part of what keeps Skyrim’s fanbase so engaged is discovering new ways to optimize their characters, roleplay different builds, and push the game’s boundaries through community-created content.


Whether you want to strategize with others, get helpful tips, or just stay up-to-date on the latest news, Reddit has vibrant gaming communities worth following. The subreddits highlighted here represent a diverse selection of games and genres, but only scratch the surface of what Reddit has to offer. By getting involved in discussions, sharing your experiences, and supporting other players, you can quickly feel at home in these communities. So check them out, find your people, and let the gameplay discussions begin!

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