5 best gaming YouTube channels for walkthroughs and guides

Last Updated on June 9, 2024 by Jhonni Jets

Whether you’re stuck on a tough boss battle or just want to experience a game’s entire storyline without actually playing it yourself, walkthrough and guide videos on YouTube can be incredibly helpful resources. With thousands of gaming channels to choose from on the platform, it can be hard to separate the high-quality, well-made content from the low-effort videos. Here are the top 5 gaming YouTube channels that consistently produce comprehensive and informative walkthroughs and guides to help gamers of all skill levels.

1. Fextralife

Fextralife - YouTube

Fextralife is best known for its extremely comprehensive guides to the Soulsborne games from FromSoftware – Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro and Elden Ring. The channel’s walkthrough playlists for these titles include dozens of videos breaking down every area, boss, questline and more. Where Fextralife really shines is in the detail and organization of its Soulsborne content. Videos are neatly segmented and timestamped, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for quickly. Description boxes also include direct timeline links. Fextralife also covers many other games, but the Soulsborne guides set an extremely high standard for thoroughness that fans of those games especially will appreciate.

2. ENXGMA Gaming

ENXGMA - YouTube

ENXGMA Gaming focuses primarily on strategy guides for role-playing games (RPGs) like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Persona. What’s great about this channel is the depth of optimization and build advice provided. Rather than just walking through the core storyline, ENXGMA delves into character progression, ability synergies, post-game challenges and more. Videos offer robust explanations on how to maximize your party’s potential. For fans of JRPGs looking to get the most out of the combat and character systems in their favorite games, ENXGMA’s guides provide an immense wealth of useful information and strategies to facilitate that.

3. GamerGuy


With over 6 million subscribers, it’s clear GamerGuy produces walkthroughs and guides people find helpful. With new uploads nearly every day, he covers every major release across all genres – action, adventure, RPGs and more. What stands out is GamerGuy’s clear, upbeat presentation style. He explains concepts and objectives concisely without wasting time. Visual aids like on-screen texts and maps supplement his commentary well. Importantly for those following along with a game, he always provides the necessary context without outright spoiling future events or locations. Whether you need a full game unraveling or help with a particular mission, GamerGuy’s guides are accessible and top-quality.

4. YongYea

Yong Yea - IMDb

While not strictly walkthrough focused, YongYea’s narrative-driven video essays provide insightful retrospective analyses of story and quest design in major single-player games. Ranging from 15-30 minutes, his deep-dive reviews pick apart the subtleties in writing, character arcs, themes and more to help viewers appreciate all the nuanced layers of creative intent. YongYea speaks passionately and knowledgeably, encouraging thoughtful discussion. His videos serve as excellent companion pieces for any player looking to discuss or re-experience the narrative brilliance of titles like God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn or The Last of Us once they’ve finished. Even without traditional guides, YongYea is incredibly educational and enjoyable to watch.

5. FightinCowboy

Fightin Cowboy

Like FightingCowboy, FightinCowboy produces guides at an extremely prolific rate, ensuring coverage of most new releases within days or weeks. What sets his videos apart though is an emphasis on boss battles. True to his name, FightinCowboy delves deeply into the strategy necessary to best each major enemy encounter. He analyzes movesets, identifies openings, and concisely explains tactics for victory. Supplementing with gameplay clips, he methodically breaks down even the game’s most punishing opponents. Whether you’re stuck on the final boss or want to prepare, FightinCowboy’s guides give veterans and newcomers alike the tools needed to emerge victorious from any fight.

In conclusion, each of these top 5 gaming YouTube channels brings something unique to helping players progress, whether through comprehensive guides breaking down every storyline step and obscure mechanic, specialized boss battle tactics, detailed speedrunning analysis, or full playthroughs serving as wonderful companions to any game. With robust libraries spanning numerous titles, any gamer is sure to find high-quality, informative walkthrough and guide content to aid their adventures, no matter the genre or system.

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