6 best gaming clans and guilds to join for teamwork

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When playing online multiplayer games, it can be a much more rewarding experience to join a guild or clan rather than playing solo all the time. Being part of an organized group offers opportunities to work as a team towards common goals, make new friends who share your interests, and unlock rewards that are difficult or impossible to achieve alone. This article explores 6 top gaming clans and guilds that are welcoming to new members and promote an atmosphere of cooperation, leadership, and fun.

Clan Skyfall (Elder Scrolls Online)

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Clan Skyfall is one of the oldest and largest Elder Scrolls Online guilds, boasting over 2000 members across PC/Mac and consoles. They offer a relaxed and social environment for all types and skill levels of ESO players. The guild offers regular group dungeon runs, world boss events, PvP campaigns, trading between members, and more. Leadership takes player feedback and ideas seriously, and you’ll find officers who are always online and happy to help. Whether you’re a beginner looking for gameplay advice or a veteran looking to climb leaderboards with a coordinated group, Clan Skyfall is a great choice for ESO teamwork and activity.

Boom Squad (Apex Legends)

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If you enjoy the fast-paced Battle Royale action of Apex Legends, Boom Squad is one of the game’s largest and most structured clans. Their online hub on Discord allows players to LFG for ranked/casual matches, practice in the training range together, discuss map strategies, and just socialize. Leadership takes the competitive side seriously with organized tournaments, prize pools, and coaching for members who want to improve. But they also know it’s a game and encourage a fun atmosphere. Requirements are reasonable – just be respectful and show a willingness to communicate and work as a unit. Joining Boom Squad is a great way to consistently find coordinated teammates in Apex and take your skills to the next level.

Clan Slytherin (Harry Potter: Wizards Unite)

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For fans of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Clan Slytherin prides itself on being one of the top clans in the game. They have over 300 members across several continents and offer round-the-clock fortress battles and raids. Extremely organized leadership maintains thorough guild records, rotation schedules, discord channels for each timezone, and more. The recruitment process ensures new members are a good fit both socially and in terms of commitment level. But once you’re in, you’ll find a dedicated group always willing to strategize and work together to take down formidable Calamities, prestige in fortress chambers, and achieve maximum rewards. Slytherin is perfect for serious HP:WU players who want to push their abilities through coordinated teamwork.

Drinkin’ Buddies (Team Fortress 2)

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Over a decade since Team Fortress 2 launched, the game remains wildly popular due to its unique class-based multiplayer gameplay. Drinkin’ Buddies has been an active TF2 clan throughout that time, known for their rowdy yet strategic playstyle. The 100+ member group is centered around organized scrimmages, both casual fun matches and more intense Highlander tournaments. But they also host community nights just to hang out, share TF2 memes in Discord, and find people to queue with. Drinkin’ Buddies excels at balancing top-tier competitive play with relaxed camaraderie – two elements that go hand-in-hand in TF2. Even seasoned veterans looking for a challenge will find Drinkin’ Buddies a perfect clan to call home.

Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter: Magic Awakened)

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As one of the leading Harry Potter RPG guilds, Order of the Phoenix welcomes new recruits to their vibrant community set in the Wizarding World. Experienced leaders keep members engaged with scheduled House Cup competitions, Quidditch practices, Hogsmeade weekends, and more. Their Discord allows wizards and witches around the world to stay connected, plan magical adventures together, and learn from each other. Order of the Phoenix rightly emphasizes roleplaying and team bonding as much as resource grinding and boss kills. It’s a welcoming home for any fan of J.K. Rowling’s magical universe looking to embark on cooperative quests, uncover secrets of the RPG, and make new friends who share their love of Harry Potter. Application is required but worthwhile for this premier guild experience.

Spartans of Rome II (Total War: Rome II)

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As one of the longest-running Total War clans, Spartans of Rome II brings a wealth of collective knowledge and friendly competition to the grand strategy of Rome II. Their structured ranking system, organized events, and Discord offer dedicated players ways to improve their generalship, test new tactics against other top performers, and always find experienced teammates online. Leadership commits to updating the clan with each new Rome II patch. But they also know it’s a game and promote an easygoing atmosphere. Whether you’re a veteran looking for new strategic challenges or new to the TW franchise, Spartans provides excellent guidance and camaraderie on the campaign map and battlefields of antiquity. It’s a perfect choice for organized Rome II cooperation and learning from peers.

In conclusion, gaming clans and guilds provide unmatched opportunities to experience your favorite multiplayer titles through true teamwork, camaraderie and cooperation rather than solo play. The listed groups exemplify communities that take both competitive play and fun seriously while welcoming new recruits. By joining one that aligns with your game interests, schedule flexibility anddesired atmosphere, you’re sure to make friends, improve your skills through shared knowledge and have a much richer overall experience versus playing alone.

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