7 best Android apps for speed reading

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Speed reading is a technique that allows readers to increase their reading speeds while maintaining or even improving comprehension. With speed reading, one can read through books, articles, and other materials more efficiently and consume information at a much faster pace. In today’s fast-paced digital world dominated by information overload, the ability to speed read has become increasingly important. Fortunately, there are now many excellent Android apps available that make it easy to practice and improve one’s speed reading skills. This article will examine 7 of the best speed reading apps for Android that utilize proven techniques and features to help users achieve faster reading speeds.

Anthropic Prism

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Anthropic Prism is one of the most full-featured speed reading apps for Android. It employs an advanced Neural Network called Constitutional AI to analyze text and determine the most important parts. As you read, only the core concepts and ideas are highlighted, filtering out redundant words and passages. This allows your eyes to flow smoothly across the page at high speeds while maintaining comprehension. Prism also tracks your reading stats over time and has tools like read-aloud, flashcards, spaced repetition and more to help you absorb material effectively. With its clean interface and powerful reading analytics, Anthropic Prism is easily one of the best choices for serious speed readers.


Spritz - Speed Reading App

Spritz is one of the original pace-based speed reading apps and remains a favorite due to its simplicity. The key technique used in Spritz is rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP), which displays only a single word at a time in your central vision. This forces your eyes to move quickly and prevents regressions. You select a reading speed between 200-1000 words per minute and the text is then “spritzed” to you word by word. While minimal on features, Spritz proves that simplicity can be very effective for improving reading speed through consistent practice with its RSVP approach.


Speed Reader for Speed Reading - Apps on Google Play

For intuitive swipe-based speed reading, SpeedReader is hard to beat on Android. Unlike pace-based apps, SpeedReader allows you to maintain control of your pace using a simple swipe left/right gesture. As you swipe, the full lines of text smoothly scroll by without page turns or loading times in between. You can adjust the text size, swipe sensitivity and more based on your preferences. Detailed reading stats provide feedback on your performance over time too. SpeedReader’s fluid swiping interface makes it very convenient for reading anything from books to blogs to long articles on the go. It’s perfect for both beginners and experienced speed readers.

Spreeder CX

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Spreeder CX is an excellent all-around speed reading app that combines pace and swipe techniques. You can opt to have the text spacritzed to you word by word or swipe through it actively at your selected pace. Either way, Spreeder CX intelligently highlights words on screen based on where your eyes are focused, making the text very scannable. It also includes spaced repetition flashcards to help cement your understanding. For customizability, Spreeder CX is highly adjustable with over a dozen reading modes, stats, testing and more. With its intuitive interface and powerful toolkit, Spreeder CX gives you multiple ways to tailor practice to your preferences and skill level.

Kindle App (Speed Reading Mode)

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While not a dedicated speed reading app, the Kindle app includes a surprisingly capable “Speed Reader View” mode that makes reading faster on supported ebooks. With a single tap, the Kindle app transforms the text into a linear flow optimized for speed without page breaks. It uses large fonts and strategic line spacing to help your eyes track smoothly. You can then adjust the words per minute anywhere from 150-400+. For convenience, the Kindle app integrates this speed reading functionality directly into your books, no extra downloads required. It’s a free and easy way for Kindle users to begin incorporating faster reading into their daily book consumption.


Turbo Reader - Apps on Google Play

TurboReading takes a minimalist approach focused solely on pace-based reading through rapid serial visual presentation. As with Spritz, it displays only a single word at a time on screen, moving your eyes along quickly without regressions. You can select speeds anywhere from 300-1000 WPM and jump right into reading session through its “Read Now” button. While basic, TurboReading proves that sometimes less is more – its no-frills interface keeps your attention locked squarely on the stream of flowing words to optimize reading throughput. Simple yet very effective for high-speed reading practice sessions.


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For Android users seeking a speed reading app with visual learning aids, SpeeDias is a solid option. It combines pace-based highlighting with diagrams, maps and image overlays to bring illustrated and technical texts to life. As you read, relevant information is automatically linked together through interactive visuals to fortify understanding. SpeeDias intelligently analyzes text complexities and adjusts the highlighting accordingly. You can also take comprehension tests along the way. While its features are best suited for educational reads, SpeeDias shows how multimedia can boost reading, learning and retention for certain subject matters.


In conclusion, there are now many excellent speed reading apps available for Android that leverage proven techniques to help users increase their reading throughput. While all speed reading apps introduce texts in time-constrained formats, they differ in interface styles, features, and customization options. Choosing one that suits your learning preferences and reading needs is important. With regular practice using tools like rapid serial visual presentation, adjustable text highlighting, spread formatting, and more – users can expect to see meaningful gains in their reading speed and comprehension over time through dedicated use of the top Android speed reading apps.

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