9 best Android apps for test preparation

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With exams and standardized tests around the corner, finding the right study tools is key to success. Whether you need to prep for the SAT, GRE, GMAT, ACT, or licensing exams like the MCAT, PMP, or bar exam, mobile apps can be a handy way to study on the go. The Google Play store offers a wide range of high-quality test prep apps to choose from. In this article, we’ll explore the 9 best Android apps for acing your upcoming exams.

Magoosh GRE Prep

GRE Online Test Prep & On-Demand Classes | Magoosh

Magoosh GRE Prep is consistently rated as one of the top GRE prep apps. It provides over 1,500 practice questions covering all GRE exam sections – verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. Magoosh uses adaptive scoring to personalize your practice based on your strengths and weaknesses. You can take full-length timed practice exams and mini quizzes to identify gaps in your knowledge. Magoosh also includes video and written lessons to build fundamental skills in vocabulary, math concepts, and the analytical writing assessment. At $99 a month or $299 for a full year of access, Magoosh GRE Prep offers excellent value and is highly effective for thoroughly prepping for the GRE.

Khan Academy SAT Prep

Official SAT Practice On Khan Academy On Vimeo, 51% OFF

As one of the most trusted names in education, Khan Academy’s free SAT prep app is an outstanding choice. It provides personalized instruction and over 5,000 practice questions to help you improve your skills in reading, writing & language, math, and the optional essay. Video lessons break down tricky concepts step-by-step. Detailed analytics track your strengths and weaknesses to focus your studying. Practice tests simulate the real SAT experience. You can access explanations to help understand your mistakes. Daily personalized practice schedules based on your goals keep you on a structured study routine. While the free version is already very comprehensive, a premium subscription unlocks additional features like full-length practiced SAT exams and targeted question banks. Overall, this free app is unbeatable for high-quality, self-paced SAT prep on a budget.

UWorld Question Bank

UWorld Medical - Exam Prep - Apps on Google Play

If you need to take licensing or certification exams like the MCAT, NCLEX, or CPA exam, UWorld Question Bank has you covered. UWorld has secured its reputation due to its question bank of over 3,000 high-quality questions across many exam types. The questions are written by subject matter experts and reviewed by item writers to ensure accuracy and difficulty at the exam level. Taking timed randomized quizzes helps you gain test-taking stamina and strategies. Analytic reports identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can customize your prep. Along with thoroughly explaining each answer, UWorld breaks down content you need to review with links to relevant study materials. At $59-149 per month depending on the exam, UWorld is the gold standard for maximizing your score through adaptive question-based learning.

CLEP Test Prep

CLEP Test Prep 2024 Ed - Apps on Google Play

CLEP exams allow students to earn college credit for subjects they’ve mastered without taking college-level courses. The CLEP Test Prep app from exam prep leader study.com offers practice tests and video/text lessons for 33 intro-level CLEP exams across various subjects for a low monthly or annual fee. You get 4 full-length practice tests for each exam title with answers and explanations. Lessons break down high-yield topics in short, digestible video bites and detailed study guides. Analytics instantly analyze your strengths and weaknesses after each practice test. A personalized study planner schedules your studies optimally according to your goals. This app streamlines CLEP prep with everything you need in one place to potentially save thousands in tuition costs.

BarMax Bar Exam Prep

BarMax Bar Exam, MBE & MPRE - Apps on Google Play

As the #1 mobile bar prep solution, BarMax is indispensable for aspiring lawyers studying for the bar exam. Key features include 600 multistate bar exam (MBE) questions across contractual obligations, constitutional law, criminal law/procedure, evidence, real property, and torts. Flashcards cover high-yield bar exam rules and concepts. Charts and outlines provide concise summaries of bar-tested topics. Video lectures explain tough legal analysis and approaches. You can access a full national simulated MBE exam for practice. Analytics track your strengths and weaknesses to focus studying. At $199 per month, BarMax offers convenient 24/7 access from your phone or tablet to facilitate effective mobile bar exam prep.

ACT Prep Plus

ACT: Practice,Prep,Flashcards - Apps on Google Play

Developed by the team that writes the actual ACT exam, the ACT Prep Plus app authentically mimics the ACT testing experience. It features over 1,000 practice questions across all ACT subject areas with detailed explanations. Adaptive tests simulate the real exam based on your responses. Complete four full-length simulated practice exams to learn time management strategies. Customizable progress reports pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses for targeted practice. Readiness tracking gauges your preparedness over time. Video lessons provide comprehensive review of English, math, reading, and science skills. Interactive flashcards cover essential ACT vocabulary. At $19.99 a month, this authentic ACT prep resource is highly effective for maximizing your score.

5Lb Book of GRE Practice Problems

The NEW Manhattan Prep 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems is Out!

For hands-on math and verbal reasoning skill-building, 5Lb Book of GRE Practice Problems is hard to beat. It contains well over 1,700 practice problems covering every topic tested on the GRE, from algebra to text completion questions. Detailed explanations thoroughly work through each step of solving math problems and dissecting verbal reasoning questions. Download the questions into flashcards or quizzes for easy on-the-go practice sessions. Well-organized content is presented in a large, easy-to-read font formatted just like the real GRE. Additional quiz and drill modes ramp up the difficulty over time to challenge you as your skills improve. At a one-time $9.99, this essentially delivers endless practice for less than $0.01 per question.

Magoosh ACT Prep


From the same trusted team behind Magoosh GRE Prep comes this highly effective ACT study solution. Magoosh ACT Prep delivers over 1,500 practice questions calibrated to the difficulty of each ACT section, with in-depth explanations for right and wrong answers. Video lessons provide visual instruction on tough English, math, science, and reading skills. Simulated practice exams recreate the full ACT testing experience from start to finish. Analytics pinpoint your unique strengths and weaknesses to optimize your personalized study schedule. A particular strength is the Math Video Lessons which break down challenging algebra and geometry concepts step-by-step. Currently $99 a month, Magoosh ACT Prep thoroughly prepares you for test day success with its focused skill-building approach.

Princeton Review SAT Prep

Princeton Review Digital Sat Premium Prep, 2024: 4 Practice Tests + Online  Flashcards + Review & Tools (2024) (College Test Preparation) - Readings

As one of the most trusted SAT prep brands, Princeton Review offers a comprehensive mobile study solution. Detailed lesson plans break down key math, grammar, and essay writing techniques to build the foundational knowledge you need. Over 1,000 practice questions provide realistic SAT practice across all sections. Scoring and analytics instantly diagnose your performance to target weak areas. Four complete simulated SAT practice exams include review and detailed explanations. You can track your score progress over time. Additional features include flashcards, video explanations, and mini drill sessions to reinforce learning in short bursts. While not free like Khan Academy, at $79.99 for the full course, Princeton Review SAT delivers the high-quality instruction and practice needed for a top score.

In conclusion, these top 9 Android apps offer best-in-class methods for success on major standardized tests through personalized instruction, thousands of adaptive practice questions, and the tools needed to precisely identify and strengthen any weak areas. Choosing an app that authentically mimics your specific exam, provides comprehensive learning resources, and has a strong reputation will help maximize your score potential. With dedicated, well-structured preparation using these high-quality Android study aids, you’ll be well equipped to achieve your testing goals.

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