9 best cross-platform games to play with friends

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Playing video games is always more fun with friends, but sometimes it’s difficult if your friends have different gaming platforms. The good news is there are many great games available that let you play together no matter if you’re on PC, console, or mobile. This article will explore 9 of the best cross-platform games you and your friends can enjoy regardless of your systems.


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Fortnite is arguably the biggest cross-platform game out there right now. Both the Battle Royale mode and Save the World campaigns allow players on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac and mobile devices to team up and compete together. With over 250 million registered players, finding friends to play with is never an issue. The free-to-play game offers constantly evolving gameplay and regular new seasons and in-game events to keep things fresh. Whether you’re dropping into the chaotic Battle Royale or working together to rebuild in Save the World, Fortnite is a blast with friends no matter what devices you own.



As one of the best-selling video games of all time, Minecraft has cultivated an enormous community since its early days. The sandbox gameplay of mining resources and building massive structures is even more enriching when experienced with others. Java and Bedrock editions allow players on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC/Mac, iOS and Android to join the same multiplayer servers for endless co-op adventures. With dedicated minigames, maps, and survival or creative worlds to explore together, Minecraft lets imagination run wild regardless of system divides.

Rocket League

Rocket League | ดาวน์โหลดและเล่น Rocket League ได้ฟรีบนพีซี – Epic Games  Store

Car soccer has never been more addictive than in Rocket League. Up to 8 players can compete in both casual and competitive online matches. Players on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and Steam can all face off together by linking their accounts. Quick 5 minute matches make it easy to squeeze in a game or two. Advanced mechanics like aerial shots take practice to master but are incredibly satisfying to nail with friends. Constant free updates and cross-progression add long-term value to this exhilarating multiplayer experience.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

Join the Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Xbox Insider Preview! - Xbox Wire

Bring the Forgotten Realms fantasy universe to life in this co-op action RPG. Players choose from Drizzt Do’Urden, Cattie-Brie, Wulfgar or Bruenor Battlehammer to hack and slash through waves of monsters. Up to 4 players can join forces online or through local co-op across Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC. Dynamic enemy encounters encourage strategizing with friends on the fly. Loot drops and character customization add replayability. Even those unfamiliar with D&D lore can enjoy mowing down beasts with companions regardless of platform preferences.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is Stumbling Onto Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One  in 2022 - Xbox Wire

Fall Guys took the world by storm with its zany battle royale antics. Up to 60 players face off in hilarious obstacle course rounds like Gate Crash and rollering team games. While the player base has declined from launch highs, cross-play between PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and PC ensures full lobbies. Absurd moments of tragedy and triumph emerge organically with friends online. Constant seasonal updates add fresh rounds and costumes to earn. Squeezing through walls sideways or accidentally knocking friends into the slime remains endlessly amusing in this cross-platform party game.


Overcooked on Steam

Teamwork and fast communication are key to success in the hilarious kitchen simulator Overcooked. Up to 4 players must work together to prep ingredients, cook meals and serve customers before time runs out. But with portals that spit out random objects and shifting locations, keeping organized is no easy task. The series is a perfect fit for both online and local wireless cooperation across Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Playful bickering with friends to complete crazy orders is a recipe for lighthearted fun regardless of platform.

Among Us

Among Us on Steam

The social deduction phenomenon Among Us works beautifully whether playing on mobile, Switch or PC with cross-platform support. Crewmates must identify imposters lurking aboard while completing tasks. Meanwhile, as an imposter, it’s time to sabotage the ship and subtly pick off players one-by-one without getting caught. Quick 5-10 minute rounds make it ideal for fitting in a game anywhere. Creative discussion and deception emerge naturally. While its popularity has declined, finding full lobbies with friends to discuss “who dunnit?” remains wildly entertaining.

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls® Online on Steam

Experience the adventure and community of Tamriel’s expansive worlds together in this hugely popular MMORPG. While ESO offers deep single player questing, delving into dungeons, crafting gear and battling in massive PvP zones with companions elevates the experience. PlayStation, Xbox and PC/Mac players can join cross-play guilds and parties to explore the latest chapters like Greymoor. Zoning into new regions with friends to experience jaw-dropping sights and epic boss fights together ensures this high-fantasy world stays fresh. With frequent updates, there’s always more to discover across platforms.

World of Tanks

Official World of Tanks website – Download the game for free

Playful tank warfare rises to new levels of strategy when working as a coordinated platoon. Choose from historic tanks like Sherman Fireflies or T-34s and battle opponents online in 15vs15 team matches. Customize your armor heavily before rolling into battlefields across diverse eras. Communicating tactics with friends in real-time across Windows, macOS, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch helps gain the upper track. While learning curves exist, seamless cross-play means finding skilled teammates is easy. Casual 7-15 minute battles remain accessible even for newcomers exploring with friends.

In summary, the explosive growth of cross-platform functionality has meant greater opportunities than ever to bond over beloved multiplayer games with friends regardless of device preferences. Constant updates and cross-progression add ongoing value as well. By hopping into the anarchic worlds of Fortnite, honing cooperation in Overcooked or uncovering secrets together in expansive titles like ESO, these top picks ensure precious gaming time with friends stays enjoyable and accessible across platforms.

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