How to Control LG tv Without Remote – 4 Methods

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How to Control LG tv Without Remote
How to Control LG tv Without Remote

How to Control LG tv Without Remote – 4 Methods

Ever lost your LG TV remote? Or do you want to control your TV with your phone? In this article, we’ll look at how to do both of these things. We’ll also show you a few other ways to get around the loss or misplacement of your remote.

Download the TV Remote app

The next method that we’ll go over is by downloading the TV Remote app.

To do this, you will need to:

  • Download the app on your phone.
  • Connect your phone to the same network as your TV. You can also connect your phone to the same network as your TV using a wired connection.

Have a spare remote

If you have a spare remote, you can use it to control your TV. If you don’t have one, there are other ways to control your TV without needing a physical remote.

If you need to find out the model number of your LG television in order to purchase an additional remote for it, look for it on the back or side of the set near where an IR sensor is located.

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The model number of that specific set will be printed in this section as well as where all other information regarding the device is displayed.

The first method involves using a universal remote with IR capabilities or connecting via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to another device such as a smartphone or computer. In most cases, universal remotes will work automatically when plugged into an available USB port on any device that runs Windows CE or Android operating systems such as laptops and smartphones (not all models).

Use your phone as a remote control

  • Download the LG TV Remote app for your phone.
  • Turn on your TV and set it to the correct HDMI input
  • Open the application, select “LG TV” as your device, then press “Next” and wait for it to search for and connect with your TV

Try using the Magic Remote

If your TV is compatible with the Magic Remote, you can use it to control other devices. For example, if you want to change the volume of your soundbar or turn on and off HDMI inputs on your TV, then you can use the remote for these tasks. You can also use it to navigate through apps like Netflix or Hulu and switch between different channels.

The LG magic remote should have come with your LG TV but if not then you can purchase one online or at a local electronics store like Best Buy or Walmart.

Make sure that when buying a universal remote that it is compatible with all of the devices in your home theater setups such as cable boxes and gaming consoles so that there will be no problems using them together later down the road when setting up new equipment or dealing with technical issues related with connecting multiple devices together wirelessly within one system rather than having multiple cables running throughout each room which would make installation much more difficult due to length restrictions as well as possible interference from wireless signals coming from nearby sources such as cell towers located nearby homes because some of these antennas are close enough together where they may cause problems for each other if either one were weaker than another antenna nearby making their signal stronger than normal signals received by other types of antennas built into televisions themselves (such as WiFi connectivity).

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How can I control my LG TV without the WiFi remote?

If you do not have a spare remote, you can try using your phone as a remote control. Simply download the TV Remote app from Google Play or the App Store and launch it on your phone. Then tap on “Sign in,” select the type of device (TV) and enter in your WiFi credentials to connect with your LG Smart TV.

Now that you’re connected, you can use gestures such as swiping up/down to change channels or swiping left/right to browse through menus. There’s also support for voice commands if that’s something that appeals more than tapping around on your screen with greasy fingers (or paws).


I hope these ideas help you control your LG TV without remote control. If you have any other suggestions, please let us know in the comments!

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