How to Get Unbanned From Snapchat – Guide

How to Get Unbanned From Snapchat
How to Get Unbanned From Snapchat

How to Get Unbanned From Snapchat – Guide

If you’ve been banned from Snapchat, it’s probably because you broke one of their rules. That’s okay! We’re here to help. If you follow these simple steps and avoid breaking any more rules, we can help get your account reinstated in no time at all:

How do you get banned from Snapchat?

  • By using third-party apps. Some of the most common causes of bans are:
  • Using a VPN to connect to the internet in a different location, or to access content that’s not available in your region
  • Using a non-supported device
  • By violating the rules. If you’re caught posting anything considered inappropriate by Snapchat, you may be banned from using their app. This includes:
  • Sharing an unsolicited nude photo with someone who hasn’t asked for one (not simply sending it)
  • Posting screenshots of other users’ stories without their permission
  • Sending spammy DMs with links and/or stickers

Read the rules

If you want to avoid being banned from Snapchat, or if you’ve been banned and want to get unbanned, then there are a few things that you need to know. The first is that Snapchat’s rules are on its website and in the app itself. Make sure that you read these carefully before posting anything—it will save time in the long run! Remember: The community of Snapchatsters is huge so there will always be someone who wants the same thing as you (a good photo, funny video, etc.) but doesn’t understand what “no nudity” means or how copyright works. All this can be avoided by reading up on these topics before using Snapchat or posting your own content online with other people watching.

Stop using third-party apps

The first step to getting unbanned from Snapchat is to stop using third-party apps. You should only use the official Snapchat app, not any of the other ones out there that promise you an easier way of viewing friends’ stories or sending private snaps. Don’t use Snapkidz, SnapSpy, or SnapHack.

Don’t use SnapSpyder either; it’s a scam and has nothing to do with Snapchat!

Join their Feedback Community

When you’re banned from Snapchat, it’s like you’ve been cast out into the wilderness. You may be feeling lonely and isolated, but there are a few things you can do to make yourself feel better. One of these things is joining their Feedback Community!

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Snapchat has created a space where users can give feedback on the app and help improve it. The community allows users to participate in polls and provide feedback directly to Snapchat employees in order to improve the user experience on Snapchat.

By giving your opinion on how they could make their product better, you’ll feel like your voice is being heard by those who matter most – the developers of this amazing app! This will also help grow and support Snapchat as an app with more people using it regularly because they know that they can contribute meaningfully towards improving its functionality (and thus their own experience).

Submit a Ban Appeal

If you think your account was banned in error, there’s no reason to fret. You can submit an appeal by emailing the Snapchat Support Team or filling out a form on their website. If your ban is for violating the Community Guidelines (which are posted above), then it’s likely that you’ll be unbanned once you prove yourself as non-toxic and not a danger to other users.

If you’ve been banned for spamming or abuse of username changes, then those bans might not be lifted so easily. In some cases, they may remain permanent; however, the company is willing to work with users who have been banned for these reasons if they’ve changed their behavior since being placed on the blacklist by submitting documentation from others attesting to this change in behavior over time before submitting an appeal form through one of these channels:

  • Emailing Them
  • Submitting a claim in our Feedback Community here

Are Snapchat bans permanent?

No. Snapchat bans are permanent, and there is no way to get unbanned from Snapchat. You can’t change your IP address or use a VPN to get unbanned. You also can’t change phones; this only registers as a new device, not as an old one with different information.

Can Snapchat IP ban you?

One of the most common misconceptions of Snapchat is that you can be banned for using an IP address that has been previously banned, but this is not true. You will only be banned if you break the rules of Snapchat or use third-party apps to cheat the system.

Snapchat cannot ban you because they don’t know who your real IP is. They only know what IP was used when you logged into their application (which could have been a proxy server.) If a proxy server gets banned, then all users who logged into their account using that proxy will also be banned.


If you’ve been banned, don’t despair. You can get unbanned from Snapchat by following the steps we outlined above and sending your appeal to the right people.

We hope this article has helped you understand how to prevent a ban in the future by avoiding third-party apps and not using abusive language on the app.

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