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How To Make Chains In Minecraft – Easy Steps

How To Make Chains In Minecraft

Are you tired of the same old Minecraft world, and all the blubbering baby animals? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Then this is the tutorial for you.

Making chains in Minecraft is a great way to make money while playing. In this article, I will show you how to make a chain using iron and diamonds, along with some basic items found in Minecraft.”

Minecraft is a building game with ‘gameplay’ as a secondary consideration. Some people even use it just to build things, because it is possible to play the whole game without doing anything much other than punching trees, slogging down creepers, building and rebuilding your house, and endlessly fixing the same three holes in your wall.

However, if you really want to progress in the game you need to learn how to make a chain of blocks all the way around you.

How To Make Chains In Minecraft

How to Make Chains in Minecraft. Chains are part of the crafting recipes for several different items in Minecraft, including the chainmail shirt and chain helmet, as well as some of the more advanced Redstone mechanisms.

As you continue to play the game, you will have a need for more chains, so it’s a good idea to know how to make chains from scratch.

In order to make chains, you’ll first need to find an iron ingot and some string. The easiest place to find string is by killing spiders or squid, although you can also find string in abandoned mineshafts or dungeons. The string is also used in a number of other crafting recipes, so it is worth keeping some on hand for later use.

Once you have the necessary materials, bring them to your crafting table (it doesn’t matter whether the table is placed near you or in your inventory).

Place the iron ingot on any one of the three squares next to the table and then place your string on either of the two remaining squares.

Next simply hit craft and wait while your crafting table (or inventory if using an inventory crafting table) crafts your chain! Once complete, you will have one chain item which can be used in several different crafting recipes.

Here is the step by step tutorial

I have noticed that no matter what I do, I can’t seem to make a chain in Minecraft. Do you know how to make chains? Minecraft doesn’t come with any chain blocks and I’m very confused as to why.

1. First, layout your 2 wooden planks one next to the other and then place 3 wooden slabs on top of them so they look like this

2. Put your wooden slabs in the crafting table (3 slabs) and get 2 sticks

3. Lay down 4 wood planks next to each other and then put the sticks on top of them

4. Put your sticks in the crafting table (4 sticks) and get 1 string

5. Now link your 3 chains together and voila! You have made a chain in Minecraft! Thanks for reading my tutorial!

Thanks for reading my tutorial! Happy mining!

How To Make Big Chains In Minecraft

How to make big chains in Minecraft:

Step 1: get a minecart and put 2 chests on it

Step 2: put my minecart in a tunnel so that u can ride it

Step 3: when you have made it to the end of the tunnel break the minecart and take out all the stuff from the chests

Step 4: if you have a lot of diamonds go to a new world and go to the top of a mountain and make another chest then put it on the same track as your first one.

Tada! You now know how to make big chains in Minecraft!!!

How To Use Grindstone To Make Chains In Minecraft

Grindstone is a block that can be used to make chains. Grindstones can be crafted using four blocks of cobblestone, or by combining two blocks of cobblestone with one block of iron ore.

Tying chains together using grindstones is considered a relatively fast way to do it, and while it is the most advanced method available in vanilla Minecraft, it is still much slower than dedicated chain-making tools (in technical terms, it takes 2.52 seconds per link). This makes it useful for early gameplay, but not as a serious industrial method.

In order to craft a chain, you will need to first collect some materials. The materials that you will need are listed below.

1 iron ingot

1 stick

Once you have the required materials, you can craft the chain on any grindstone. To craft the chain, left-click on the grindstone and select create. Then drag the iron ingot and the stick into the appropriate slots.

Once you have crafted the chain, you can use it by right-clicking on it in your inventory and selecting equipment. Then just left-click on a fence post to place it.

How To Make Chains In Minecraft Education Edition

Did you know there is a way to make chains in Minecraft Education Edition? The chains are made from iron ingots and can be used for decoration or as a weapon.


1. Go to Crafting Menu, look for Iron Ingots.

2. Click on any Iron Ingot and then right-click on the same Iron Ingot in your inventory. You will get 3 Iron ingots!

3. Now, go to Crafting Menu and look for Chain Armor. Scroll down the page and you will see the Chain Armor.

4. Click on any Chain Armor, then right-click on your armour slot (the one with your helmet).

5. Now, press Q and you can now put the chain armour on!

How To Make Chains In Vanilla Minecraft

This is a tutorial on how to make chains in vanilla Minecraft. I have been making chains for a while and I find them very useful and fun. They are very easy to make and easy to use, but first, you must know how to make a crafting table.


1. Get 4 planks and put them into the crafting table then get 2 sticks.

2. Make a crafting bench

3. Craft two sticks with the two planks and then craft two sticks with the two sticks from step 2 and you will get four sticks.

4. Craft two of the sticks from step 3 with the stick from step 1 and you will get a chain!

5. Repeat steps 1-4 again but replace one of the 2 new sticks with 2 of the old ones so you will have an infinity symbol(∞) shape when you put all of them together and that is how you make chains!

How To Make Giant Chains On A Angle In Minecraft

I will show you how to make a chain on an angle in Minecraft. This is a very simple tutorial so even beginners can make it.


Items needed:

9 iron ingots 9 sticks 4 Redstone torches (you can substitute Redstone for buttons or levers) 6 repeaters 1 piston

Step 1: First, you need to build a box that looks like this.

Step 2: Place the Redstone torches on the corners and put the repeaters next to them. There should be one repeater for every torch.

Step 3: Add the piston and place the last repeater on top of it so that when you activate it, the piston will move out of the way and let you fall into your new chains! That’s all there is to it! Happy mining!

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