How to Play PS4 with Broken HDMI Port – 3 ways to Follow

This post was most recently updated on September 13th, 2022

How to Play PS4 with Broken HDMI Port – 3 ways to Follow

If you are a PlayStation 4 user, you probably know that the console comes with one HDMI port. That is the only way for you to connect your PS4 to your TV.


But what if the HDMI port on your PS4 breaks? The good news is that there are a few ways for you to play PS4 with a broken HDMI port.

What can you do if your HDMI port is broken?

If you’re having problems with your HDMI port, there are some simple things you can try to fix it.

  1. Remove the cable or device that is plugged into the port and reinsert it.
  2. Unplug any external devices
  3. Use another cable in the same HDMI port on your PS4 to test whether the cable itself is defective. If it works when connected to another port, then it’s likely that the port itself is damaged and will need to be replaced (see below).
  4. If nothing above works, try using a different HDMI cable with your TV or monitor and see if that fixes the problem.

No.1 Use an HDMI to DVI converter.

If your PS4’s HDMI port is broken, use a DVI to HDMI converter to play the PS4 with a broken HDMI port. However, this only works on monitors that have DVI ports like old LCD monitors and projectors. If you’re using an older laptop with a DVI port, this method will also work for you!

No.2 Use a USB to HDMI converter.

If your HDMI port is damaged but you still have access to the other ports on your PS4, consider using a USB to HDMI converter.

Connect the PS4 directly to your TV or monitor.

Connect the USB to HDMI converter to one of the two USB ports on your PS4.

Connect an HDMI cable between the USB-HDMI converter and either of the two available HDMI slots on your TV or monitor—just make sure it’s an active port and not just an input slot (you can usually tell from looking at it). If there are other ports available, try switching them out until you find one that works for both devices; if not, then try another input.

The plug-in power adapter as usual and turn everything on—it should work!

No.3 Use the SCART adapter.

If you have an old CRT TV and no HDMI port, you can use a SCART adapter. The SCART adapter is a device that allows you to connect your PS4 to the TV via RCA cables (red/white audio) and RGB or YPbPr component cable (red/green/blue). This type of connection has very good quality, but it’s not HD so don’t expect any miracles. You will need to adjust the picture settings manually with the SCART adapter connected because there won’t be any automatic detection in this case.

Connecting the PS4 directly via RCA cables requires some technical knowledge, but it’s still easy if you follow our instructions:

  • Plug one end of each cable into its respective port on your PS4 console and another end into their corresponding ports on your TV set;
  • Turn on both devices;

You can still play PS4, even if you have an HDMI port problem! Watch the above video tutorial on how to play PS4 with a broken HDMI port.

You can still play PS4, even if you have an HDMI port problem! Watch the above video tutorial on how to play PS4 with a broken HDMI port.

There are three ways to play your PS4 console with a broken HDMI port:

  • You can use an HDMI converter like this one. It’s an inexpensive way to connect your console and TV wirelessly.
  • You can use a USB to HDMI converter like this one. It’s another simple solution that works without any special setup or installation.
  • Or, you could buy a SCART adapter and simply use the cables that came with your old CRT monitor

Can I Play PS4 while HDMI is Out?

No. You can’t play PS4 with a broken HDMI port, because the HDMI is what connects your PS4 to your TV. Your only option is to connect the console through an alternate source, such as USB or AV cables (the latter of which you may already have).

A USB cable works just like an HDMI cable, but it’s limited in length and doesn’t support HDCP 2.2 content protection—meaning you won’t be able to use it for streaming apps like Netflix or Hulu Plus. It will allow you to play games or watch Blu-rays from discs that aren’t digitally protected though!

Can I use my TV as a Monitor for PS4?

Yes, you can use your TV as a monitor for PS4. You need to buy an HDMI cable and connect it to the PS4 and your PC. Once you do that, you will be able to see both screens at the same time.

Now what? Well first off, there are a few things that need to be done on the PC before we continue playing! To make sure everything works correctly and smoothly.

Can I play PS4 without an AV cable?

Yes, but you will need to connect your PS4 via USB. You can use a USB-C to HDMI cable, or connect your PS4 to the TV via an HDMI port or by using another HDMI input on your TV that is not connected to another device. The same applies for connecting through a USB port on the console; this comes with its own set of limitations and caveats.

Is it safe to run a PS4 with a broken HDMI port?

This is the easiest and least expensive way to get your PS4 working again. To do this, you need an HDMI cable that has an RCA input on one end and an HDMI output on the other. You will also need a 3.5mm male-to-male audio cables like this one from Amazon or any other brand that works with both types of devices (you can test it in advance by plugging it into your TV).

Now here’s what you do:

Connect one end of the HDMI cable to your PS4 console and then connect its other end to your computer monitor or TV (you can use either one for testing purposes). The picture should come up immediately after setting everything up properly; if not, try changing some settings; consult our guide above for more information about how exactly to do this step by step as well as some videos showing how easy it really is! If all else fails though, simply turn off both devices before trying again—this often solves issues like these where different types of cables are concerned because they are incompatible with certain setups due to various reasons such as bad wiring etc.


We hope you find this list of PlayStation 4 HDMI port repair options helpful, and that you’ll be able to get back to gaming in no time with one or more of these fixes. If all else fails, we recommend starting your search for a new PS4 on Amazon – which also happens to be an excellent place to find the parts listed above. Thanks for reading!

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