How to Block Fortnite on the Router – Easy Steps to Follow

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How to Block Fortnite on the Router

How to Block Fortnite on the Router – Easy Steps to Follow

Are you feeling tense about the side effects of Fortnite on your kids and looking for how to block Fortnite on routers?

Everyone noticed the clickbait and deleterious culture of the trending game. People believe it to be dying out, but it will not leave its position so quickly.

According to Statista, Wolrd phenomenon, Fortnite amassed 350 million players worldwide by May 20201. It gained bold sweeping victory even when the mobile shooter games downloader downloaded it 78 million times in 2017, the year when it was released1.

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It turns to be a contradictory situation that, despite gaining popularity, people are looking for ways to block Fortnite. The article will shed light on what is Fortnite? Furthermore, what are the reasons behind blocking it? Also, we will guide you on how to block Fortnite on Router. So let us dive in to figure out the answer to our every query.

Do you know About Fortnite?

If you didn’t hear about Fortnite, you probably live in the stone age era. The majority of people often listened to this name in the gaming world, Fortnite. But little do we know how this game started to rule the hearts of every gamer.

It outclassed every other online competition when it popped up in 2017. The Epic Games came up with its highly successful version of the game.

Petering out successful games like Halo and Call of Duty, it came in the limelight. This candy-colored and dopamine-releasing video game got many reasons for its fame.

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Do you know what the reasons behind its success are? The game kept updating with new features; all you need to do is refresh your game screen. Being highly social, friends, family, and celebrities populate this game world.

Gamers love experiencing this highly competitive game and facing new challenge now and then. Moreover, it got easy accessibility to facilitate its users. The magnum opus of Epic and battle royale is the game of its genre with appealing graphics and survival mode.

Once players skydive in the free game of Fortnite, they keep on playing till they survive and meet up with the last player. The small island invites all the players to 100 to be fully equipped with axes to kill other contestants.  

That’s not all!

They scavenge for additional weapons and avoid the electrical storm of the killers. The dead players eliminate and shrink the battlefield, bringing all the players closer. Updates continuously flash on your screens about killing the other player, creating a sense of urgency. Play as a squad, duo, or solo and enjoy.

Reasons to Block Fortnite

Despite such fame and being a hot cake, why people need to block this game? Children adore this catchy game due to its appealing graphics and colorful animation.

Moreover, the highly competitive nature of the game engages users till the end by notifying them with the countdown about the upcoming storm. Furthermore, you are free to text and chat with your team, friends, or other users. 

Yet, Fortnite remains a threat for the kids. Parents look for ways to block Fortnite on the router. Have a look at the following reasons for being blocked or likely to be blocked:

Highly engaging

Being highly engaging and appealing to the kids, children play imperatively for hours. It increases their screen time. Since the release of the wildly popular game, children spend hours roaming on their battlefields. It wasted their precious hours, and they missed doing necessary chores like homework, performing their responsibilities, and compromising on their sleep. 

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Fortnite proves to be highly addictive for the kids. Do you know the secret behind it? Celia Hodent is the former Director of user experience (UX). She revealed how the experts who have Ph.D. in behavioral psychology designed this game 2. They poured in every effort to make the game addictive by engaging the audience yet monetizing on the other hand. 


You cannot ignore the violence kids go through while killing other opponents. It is just the game, but it lays a strong foundation of violence. For sure, no parent will be in favor of such violence.

Despite being a 12+ rated game, the setup of the account demands no age. Looting the abandoned treasures of the rest of the players sprinkled all over the map and the defeaters’ leftover weapons are all signs of violence. 

Social Draw and Social Engagement

The tantalizing near-misses and locked treasure exploration drives the kids’ attention to the maximum level. They engage in games with the entirely new world as well. It can be friends or any unknown as anonymous.

There comes the clear drawback of exposure to a dangerous world of abusive languages, inappropriate things via messages and live chats, and behavior. No one knows about the age, gender, background of the opponent.

Furthermore, the kids cut off from their social gatherings. Lying in their Fortnite games, they hardly look out for the left relations. The perplexing situations of potential conflicts and higher compelling expectations with the parents let them feel left out at times.

 They set up times to begin games with their friends and fail to meet so. Therefore, they leave them arguing and being disappointed with the parents. At times, it turns into aggression and self-harm as well.

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Free Version

Fortnite drives the kids crazy, and they keep on playing it. The game is free of cost, but the in-app purchases are so lucrative that the kids buy the expensive features. It is either with the consent of parents or, at times, not.

Budha won $3 million playing this game. He sets the record for the highest earner in Fortnite 3, so it is not just a fun-filled game. A case reported a child who destroyed his car because the parents kept away the device from him in the car4.

How To Block Fortnite on Router?

After knowing so many adverse effects of Fortnite, it is a must to learn how to block Fortnite on Router. It is a readily available game on the Pcs, Xbox, Play station, mobiles, and on any device.

Therefore, time to call parents for an action. Follow the steps to block Fortnite on Router.

  1. You can try setting up parental control and add it to the blacklist.
  2. Firstly, log in to the web router’s user interface.
  3. Finally, move on to the parental controls or basic settings.
  4. Click the button of Add and scan the device you want to add to control. You can do it manually as well by adding the device name along with its MAC number.
  5. Click the icon to set your desired and appropriate time by dragging it into the correct cells. As soon you click OK, you set time for the blacklisted Fortnite.
  6. Feel free to add a description to your entry.
  7. Click OK after selecting the check box.
  8. Enable your content restriction and start the restriction mode.
  9. Be happy now! Your controlled devices cannot access the restricted websites containing your defined keywords during the effective period in the blacklist mode.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Fortnite is a highly appealing game yet addictive as well. You need to monitor and set limits for your kids to save them from the disastrous effects. Hopefully, you learn how to block Fortnite on Router.

However, banning it entirely from the list can make the kids sad, angry, and rebellious.

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