How to Get a jetpack in Mad City 2023 – Easy Steps to Follow

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How to Get a jetpack in Mad City 2020

How to Get a jetpack in Mad City 2023- Easy Steps to Follow

If you are one of those who love to live crazy or imagine out of the box, like building a factory for radioactive waste processing right next to a residential area.

Or you are always ready to build the world’s most famous metropolis, surely you just need to know the tips and tricks in Mad city and then no one would stop you from making the most magnificent creations.

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You can easily become a king in downtown, industrial, and residential districts and have some enemies to kill which can help you in increasing your efficiency. But make sure you are fully aware of the importance of modern-day lifestyle in urban areas.

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And all of this madness comes packed within a board game named “Mad-City.” Thanks to Kane Klenko, who created this board game in 2014. With the combined collaborations and illustrations of Pat Raubo and Jarred Blando, Mad City came into development that bears the logo of Mayfair and Funfair companies.

Mad city

The mad city is a city of building and destruction where every second counts and zoning is what makes you king. Mad City is a real-time competitive game in which you have to build the most lucrative city in rounds that last for exactly one minute.

Players must be fast because they are not alone in the field, you’ll have to fast if you care to beat the opponents for bonuses for their parks and pond for their zoning majorities.

With the help of a unique scoring system, this game offers players to build and focus on the diversify in their building styles.

Mad City has a quick interactive and addictive gameplay, gamers and families alike will be excited to get their hands back on Mad City.

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Moreover, this game also includes a solo variant for players stuck on deserted islands, this feature also allows you to test and get to know how you build abilities and prowess against the grid.

Now let’s get to the topic which brings you here which is how to get a jetpack in a mad city. If you want to take a ride on a jetpack, then you’ll need a boss card first to access the jetpack. In this article, we will tell you that how can you get a jetpack in a mad city and also a full list of Mad City Roblox Codes. So let’s get started.

How to get the Boss Card

The boss card is a tool that enables players to open the door to get jetpack from the Airport. Boss card can be found at the nightclub.

How to get boss card?

Follow these steps to obtain a boss card:

  • Player first must enter the Nightclub and make sure to memorize four colors that are displayed on the DJ Booth from the left to right side.
  • After that, the player must need to open the metal door and then advance until they finally reach the vending machines. Another way to access this room is by taking the ceiling vent in the main room.
  • Next, the player must shoot the colored buttons that are on the vending machine by using a weapon with hit scan bullets incorrect order that was displayed on the DJ booth. If everything goes right, the color of the vending machine will turn green.
  • Once after advancing to the top floor, one will be met with a secret area/compartment located at the end of the room. In order to obtain the boss card, you have to interact with this.


The Boss card is also known as the “special keycard.” When you will be attempting to enter the jetpack room without being in the player’s inventory.

How to get a jetpack in Mad City

Now that we have the boss card, we can obtain Jetpack in Mad City.


The jetpack is an amazing item that can be found in the Airport by using the Boss card we have acquired above.

Jetpacks grant flight. It allows players to fly up for 40 seconds, after that it needs to be refilled over a period of time. How will you know that fuel is ending? The light at the back of the jetpack will gradually change to red from green as it losses fuel and vice versa.

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When the duel will end, the player will automatically fall.

Getting the jetpack

Make sure you have the boss card in order to obtain the jetpack.

  • Get to the airport, now on the right side of the airport (inside the main building), you will see a white door with a keycard reader. To open the order, you’ll have to interact with it.
  • On interacting, the vault will open and inside the vault, you will see a jetpack. Acquiring it will remove the boss card from the player’s inventory and players will have a jetpack.


  • The Boss Keycard is also referred to as a “Special keycard” when a player is trying to obtain a jetpack without the boss keycard.
  • When players are using a jetpack, they can’t deploy their parachute when falling down.
  • Now, you know how to get a jetpack, have a bumpy ride. Most of the hero characters are unable to use jetpacks.

Here is how a ride on a jetpack looks like.

Here is the pedestal on which the jetpack is placed on.

Valid and active Mad City Roblox Codes

We all know how frustrating it can be when you write a code and it’s not working. Now, it’s time for some valid and currently active Mad City Roblox codes that can really help you out when you are stuck.

Although, we have checked all the codes in case any of the codes from the list doesn’t work, let us know in the comment section.

  • STR33TL1N3: Redeem this code and get Street line Vehicle Skin as a reward
  • RealKreek: Redeem this code and get a KreekCraft Skin. It´s a car or vehicle skin
  • KraoESP: Redeem this code and get a KraoESP vehicle skin
  • Ryguy: Redeem this code and get a Ryguy Skin, it´s a car or vehicle skin
  • D1$C0: Redeem this code and get a Disco Skin, it´s a car or vehicle skin
  • Bandites: Redeem this code and get a Bandites Skin, it´s a car or vehicle skin
  • uNiQueEe BACON: Redeem this code and get a MyUsernamesThisSkin, it´s a car or vehicle skin
  • 5K37CH: Redeem this code and get a Sk3tchYT Skin, it´s a car or vehicle skin
  • Napkin: Redeem this code and get a Napkin Nate Skin, it´s a car or vehicle skin
  • M4DC1TY : Redeem this code and get Black Hex AK47 Skin as a reward
  • S34Z4N4 : Redeem this code and get Purple Zebra as a reward.
  • TH1NKP1NK : Redeem this code and get Pinky as a reward
  • 0N3Y34R: Redeem this code and get a Birthday Fireworks. It´s a car or vehicle skin
  • S34Z4N3 : Redeem this code and get Plasma Skin as a reward
  • T4L3N : Redeem this code and get Talon Vehicle Skin as a reward
  • B34M3R : Redeem this code and get Sunbeam Vehicle Skin as a reward
  • S33Z4N2 : Redeem this code and get Frosty Vehicle Skin as a reward
  • B3M1N3 : Redeem this code and get Hearts SPAS Skin as a reward
  • W33K3NDHYP3 : Redeem this code and get Monochrome Vehicle Skin as a reward
  • BILLYBOUNCE: Use this code to redeem a Billy Bounce emote as a free reward.
  • 0MGC0D3: Use this code to redeem a Green Dots Vehicle Skin.
  • STR33TL1N3: Use this code to redeem a Street line vehicle skin.
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Expire codes

At the moment there are multiple expired codes for Mad City Roblox. Here we will be writing all those codes that stop working overtime so that you do not have to try these expired codes to get rewards that are not worth anything but time-waste.

  • 100kCash: Use this code to redeem a lot of free cash.
  • Datbrian: Use this code to redeem a DatBrian’s Skin.

How to use Roblox Mad City Codes

  • You just have to type one of the codes provided in the codes tab, found in the phone, and then redeem the corresponding rewards.
  • To activate the phone, you’ll need to tap the “M” key on the keyboard or the “menu” icon placed in the bottom right corner.


  • Remember that you can’t use the phone inside a vehicle unless you stick your head out the window.
  • If you are using the phone while you enter a vehicle your phone will automatically close.

If your code isn’t redeeming, it might be because of the following reasons.

  1. You might have already redeemed it early (most of the codes are those which you can use only once).
  2. The code is expired.
  3. You are typing the code incorrectly.


So, Mad City is an interesting and attractive game for beginners. It helps in testing the ability to build a working city from scratch condition or How to protect your homeland from enemies. I hope this article will help you out.

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