How to Mount a TV Without Studs – 3 ways to Follow

How to Mount a TV Without Studs
How to Mount a TV Without Studs

How to Mount a TV Without Studs – 3 ways to Follow

So you’re ready to mount your TV and nothing is lining up right. You’ve got the perfect spot for your new, awesome television but there aren’t any studs in the wall, or if there are they’re not where you need them to be.

Now what? For you DIY’ers out there, don’t worry – it’s easier than you think to mount a TV without studs! It just takes some planning, some specialized hardware, and a little know-how.


We’ll give you all of the tips and tricks that will help get the job done fast so that you can watch your favorite shows in no time at all. We’ll also explain why it’s important to find a stud before mounting your TV, what anchors work best on drywall (and which ones don’t), and how to install them correctly so that they last as long as possible…

How to mount a TV without studs

There are many ways to mount a TV without studs. The main reason most people aren’t able to do this is that they don’t realize they can use a variety of different methods and materials. This guide will teach you the basics, so you can start planning your project today!

  • Mounting hardware: You’ll need some mounting hardware to hang your TV. There are lots of different options available on Amazon—you just have to make sure it fits your TV and existing entertainment center or wall unit.
  • Stud finder: Before doing anything else, plug in an electric stud finder into an outlet and sweep over the area where you want to place your TV. This will help ensure that there aren’t any hidden studs or beams that could cause problems with hanging or installing equipment on them later down the road (and possibly cause damage).
  • Drill bits: Once you’ve determined that there’s no obstruction between where you want your new entertainment system installed and where it needs attaching by way of screws/bolts at either end (usually one above), then next step is drilling holes through each section using appropriately sized drill bits which should be included in any package bought online from Home Depot or Lowe’s Hardware Stores among others; if not then simply buy them separately from Amazon etcetera…

Why do you need to find a stud to mount your TV

Studs are the strongest part of your wall. They’re also one of only two places you can mount a TV to, which is why it’s so important to find them before you start drilling holes in your walls. The other place is an electrical box (which most TVs don’t require), but if you plan on going this route and have outlets nearby then we recommend using an electrical box instead.

Studs are capable of supporting more weight than drywall alone, so they’re the only place where you can safely use standard wall mounts. Standard wall mounts are usually made for mounting televisions that weigh less than 40 pounds or measure less than 32 inches across (if the screen size exceeds 32 inches, check out our guide on mounting larger TVs).

What are the best anchors for drywall?

If you’re mounting your TV to drywall, there are a number of different anchors to choose from. Drywall anchors are the most common type used in this situation and can be effective for many people. To use these anchors, begin by drilling a hole into either side of the stud or joist where you want to mount your television set.

Next, insert one end of the provided screw into one hole and then thread it through another hole on the opposite side (the distance between holes should be equal). Finally, use an appropriate tool—such as a screwdriver—to tighten all four screws until they are snug against each other and hold down your TV securely in place.

An alternative option is toggle bolts: these devices have two ends that allow them to be screwed into place from either direction so long as both ends remain firmly planted within their respective holes while tightening them together with an adjustable wrench or other tool designed specifically for this purpose

How do you mount a TV on drywall without studs?

So, you’ve got a wall-mounting job to do. But there’s one problem: the TV is not in studs. No problem—there are three options for getting your TV mounted without using a stud:

  • Use a drywall anchor
  • Use a wall mounting kit
  • Get an expert to help you mount your TV

1. Use a Drywall Anchor (and toggle bolts)

  • Use a Drywall Anchor (and toggle bolts)
  • Attach the drywall anchor to the wall using the included screw that fits into the hollow stud or non-stud portion of your wall. You can also use this method if you have a stud but it’s not strong enough to support your TV, which is why I recommend it over other methods in most cases when mounting TVs without studs.
  • Attach the eye bolt on one end of your chain link and an extension piece on the other end, leaving enough excess chain so that when it’s fully extended and attached to your mount/bracket/whatever you’re attaching your TV to, there should be about 12″ left over at each end of said extension piece (as seen in photo). This will allow for some movement around corners or whatever else might cause tension between where you are mounting your TV and where your actual mount is located.
  • Connect one side of each toggle bolt onto each end of their respective chains by threading them through from behind where they’ll be hidden from view by being behind either another piece while mounted or inside wood planks during construction if building something yourself like I had done here because my house was built before all this stuff existed so no drywall anchors were available yet back then.

2. Use a Wall Mounting Kit

  • If you don’t find studs in the wall and can’t install a bolt through concrete, a wall mounting kit is another great way to mount a television.
  • These kits come with everything you need to mount your TV without having to drill holes in the walls.
  • They are easy to install, inexpensive, and readily available at any hardware store or home improvement store.

3. Get an expert to help you mount your TV

  • Find a professional to help. You can find an experienced technician who works with your TV brand and TV size by reaching out to your local Best Buy or Home Depot and asking for referrals.
  • Get an expert to help you mount your TV. A professional will be able to install the bracket correctly and make sure that everything is secured properly in place without causing damage to the wall or TV itself.

There are only three ways to hang a flat-screen TV without studs

You can hang a flat-screen TV without studs by using one of three options: punching a hole in your drywall, using a drywall anchor, or using a toggle bolt.

If you’re not comfortable drilling holes into your wall, or if you’re renting and aren’t allowed to permanently damage the property you live in (or both), consider getting an expert to help with this project. Or just read on for more information about how each of these methods works!


We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to mounting your TV without studs. As you can see, it’s an easy process when done correctly and can be achieved in a number of different ways. If you’re unsure, our advice is always to get someone who knows what they’re doing to help you out!

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