How to Reset a Philips TV Without a Remote – Easy Steps

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At times, resetting your Philips smart TV can help resolve technical issues and glitches. Resetting restores the TV’s settings to their factory default. However, if you have lost your TV remote control, resetting the TV becomes difficult.

Philips TVs provide various methods to reset them even without the remote control. This comprehensive guide will show you multiple ways to factory reset your Philips smart TV without needing the traditional remote.

We will cover step-by-step instructions for different reset methods like using the reset button, home button sequences, Android Recovery Mode, factory settings in the menu, and more. Follow the steps carefully to reset your specific Philips TV model without hassles.

Prerequisites Before Resetting Philips TV

Before you reset your Philips TV to factory settings, ensure:

  • Your TV is connected to a continuous power supply to avoid unexpected shutdowns during reset. Use a wall outlet connection.
  • You backup important settings like wireless network credentials, customized channel lists, etc. Resetting will erase all saved settings.
  • You have the PIN code if the TV has parental controls enabled. The PIN will be required after reset to reuse the TV.
  • No devices like gaming consoles are connected to the TV to avoid accidental input during reset. Disconnect external devices.
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Methods to Reset Philips TV Without Remote

Using the Reset Button

Many Philips TVs have a small reset pinhole button on the TV’s back panel or side. Locate this reset button and press and hold it using a pin for 15-20 seconds.

When you release the reset button after 20 seconds, the TV will reboot and reset itself. Wait patiently during this process.

Via Home Button Sequence

If your Philips TV has home/menu buttons on it, use the following button sequence:

  1. Turn on the TV and wait for it to fully boot up.
  2. Press the Home button on the TV set.
  3. Next, quickly press five times followed by the Up arrow button once.
  4. Finally, press Power button once to turn off the TV.

This five presses of Home + one press of Up + Power off sequence will reset the Philips TV.

Using Remote Control App

If you have the Philips TV Remote app installed on your smartphone, you can use it to reset your TV.

Open the app, go to Support > Factory Reset and confirm the reset. The app will remotely reset your connected Philips TV without needing the physical remote.

Via Settings Menu

For recent Philips Android smart TVs, use the following steps to access factory reset in settings:

  1. Turn on the TV and navigate to the Settings menu.
  2. Go to the Device Preferences section > Restore > Factory data reset.
  3. Confirm factory reset on next prompt.

This will initiate a reset of the Android-based Philips smart TV models.

Using Android Recovery Mode

Certain Philips TVs with older Android versions can be reset using Android Recovery Mode with the following method:

  1. Press and hold the Home and Volume Down buttons together for 10-15 seconds until the TV enters Recovery Mode.
  2. Use the Volume buttons to navigate and select Wipe data/factory reset.
  3. Finally select Reboot system now to reset the TV.
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Via SIM Menu

Some Philips TV models allow factory reset through the Service menu with these steps:

  1. Turn on the TV and quickly press and hold 1-2-3-6-5-4 on the TV panel in number order. This opens the SIM secret menu.
  2. Navigate to Factory Reset and select Yes on the prompt to confirm reset.

Once the reset process completes, your Philips TV will reboot with factory default settings. Run initial setup again to start using the TV.

Troubleshooting Common Reset Issues

Cannot enter Recovery Mode: Rapidly press Home + Volume Down 7-8 times if the TV does not respond when trying to enter recovery mode. Keep holding the buttons until it works.

Forgotten PIN code: Unfortunately, you cannot reset the TV without entering the correct parental control PIN. Try guessing or remembering the PIN carefully.

Unresponsive after reset: If the TV has a black, blank display after resetting, unplug power for 1 minute and plug it back in. This will reboot and restore functionality.

Lost wireless network settings: Since factory reset erases all settings, you will have to reconfigure WiFi by entering the password again. Refer to your router for the correct credentials.


Resetting your Philips TV without the remote control is easy once you know the right button sequences for your specific model. Follow the step-by-step methods highlighted in this guide to successfully factory reset the TV using the reset button, home button presses, settings menu, recovery mode and more.

With these handy troubleshooting tips, you can reset your Philips TV to fix issues or prepare it for sale or transfer without being blocked by a missing remote control. Just be sure to backup important settings before initiating the reset.

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