7 Best Melee Weapon Fallout 4 You Are Absolutely Missing Out

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Best Melee Weapon Fallout 4

7 Best Melee Weapon Fallout 4 You Are Absolutely Missing Out

Have you recently started playing online games, and are you looking for the best melee weapon fallout 4? Well, then dive right in!

Fallout 4 has been among us for the longest of times, but many folks are new to it. If you are one of them, then this read is perfect for you!

I know it’s hard to master every weapon but do you want to hear a tip? Melee is much more powerful than guns with ammunition.

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I’ll tell you about the best melee weapon fallout 4 so that you can kill like a pro. Let’s wait no more and dig right in.

Best melee weapon fallout 4| the renowned gamer list

A melee weapon can also be called a hand weapon used in a hand-to-hand fight; the direct hit and damage that it gives to the next party make it the mvp of all weapons, so why not master the art of melee?

I know the curiosity in you must be pumping with excitement so let’s wait no more and learn all about fallout 4’s best melee weapons.

1.The furious power fist

If you ask me personally about what i think regarding the most powerful melee weapon in fallout  4? Without any hesitation, i’ll say it’s the power fist.

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Yes, it’s not easy to obtain a power fist on higher levels, you would have to find and defeat legends, and all that hard work is due to its tremendous damage of around 20 in a single punch!

You can knock a player out with just some punches.

A power fist is brutal and deadly just on its own, but with a few modifications and attachments here and there, you will have a death monster on your hands.

I won’t say it’s easy to master a power fist’s punch, but there would be nothing standing in front of it with a little hard work and time.

You can’t go wrong with fallout 4 best-unarmed weapon.

2.Pickman’s blade

The pickman’s blade marks its place as the fallout 4 best non dlc melee weapon, not just by its looks but also because of the damage it can endure to your enemy.

A pickman blade’s initial damage might not be that much, it’s around 15, but the most intriguing part about it is that it leaves your competitor wounded.

Yes, the next party will lose their hp up to 25 apart from the 15 initial damage. The wound would take a little while and medication to repair, buying time for your next attack.

A pickman blade can be found easily with a bit of quest; yes, the blade owner will hand the safe’s key to you where it’s kept, and yes, it’s pickman itself. Sounds intriguing? Then find it!

It won’t be false if we regard this melee as the best knife in fallout 4.

3.General chao’s revenge.

General chao’s revenge in fallout 4 is one of my favorite and most lethal melee weapons out there. It’s one of the plenty of weapons you would find owned by the chinese officer, but the most deadly in general chao’s revenge.

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The sleek and almost silent weapon offers tremendous damage of 40 initially, but that’s not even the best part.

The most intimidating part about this weapon is that it works amazingly on robots, giving them the most damage, up to 50%.

Also, if you are going on a quest that requires you to assassinate some assaulters and assassinators, then there is no better match for melee weapon than general chao’s revenge.

4.Kremvh’s tooth

Exploring the caves of dunwich, you will come across some mystical witch-like creature. Don’t hesitate to fight it till the end as a bigger and better reward awaits.

The kremvh’s tooth, as mystical as it sounds, is a killer melee weapon in fallout 4. The most exciting thing that i find about it is that it can easily be converted into a machete.

It’s one of the finest blades that can be upgraded, and with a little bit of poison added, your enemy will tremble once you take it out.

A kremvh’s tooth gives striking base damage of 40 with remarkable speed; this means just 2-3 correct hits with maybe poison and voila! Enemy executed.

5. Deathclaw gauntlet

Sounds familiar fallout fandom? Yes, the death claw is back again in fallout 4. This melee weapon is by far the most ancient and dangerous gauntlet in fallout 4.

With a deadly base hit damage of 35 and a flash-like speed, there is no way your energy can withstand its hit.

What i like best about this piece because it’s easily upgradeable; the upgrade adds a third claw to your gauntlet, making it almost undefeatable.

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Obtaining this gauntlet is pretty easy if you are past level 20; buy it from any merchant. Wait, that sounds too easy and not fun at all, right? Then complete the devil’s quest, and the death claw gauntlet of fallout 4 is yours.

6. Super sledge

Again, the fallout 4 super sledge is not a new melee weapon to the fallout 4 kingdom, but it’s one of the deadliest ones.

The damage is almost up to 90, yes, 90! Sound unbelievable, right? Well, it’s true. But yes, it does have a downside; you can’t use this weapon on too many enemies as it’s slow because of the massive weight.

You would have to complete a mission called adam faction to obtain this dangerously breathtaking melee weapon.

7. Grognak’s axe

As baffling as it sounds, a single hit from this ax will leave your enemy questioning their existence. It doesn’t just cause them to bleed and lose hp for a good while, but the initial damage is also quite impressive.

I would have loved this weapon much more if it was upgradable like the other ax’s on the workbench, but the damage and result in an overall cover that con ideally.

Browse hubrics comics if you want to find this axe, all you have to do is find the key to the advanced lock, and the axe is yours.


So fallout 4 fandom, i hope this read left you with a lot of know-how about the best melee weapon fallout 4.

So what do you think? Which is the best melee weapon warframe? I guess all of them in their unique way.

Now, all that’s left to do is take some time and learn how to master these individual weapons beautifully. Once that’s done, nothing is stopping you!

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