How to Activate DirecTV Receiver Without Paying – Easy Steps to Follow

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How to Activate DirecTV Receiver Without Paying

How to Activate DirecTV Receiver Without Paying – Easy Steps to Follow

DirecTV is a popular satellite service that features you with all channels, including all premium channels like, NFL Sunday Ticket, HBO, and SHOWTIME.

It offers you a 2-year subscription along with the second-year price hikes, and DirecTV offers you’re a whole array of channels for family, sports addicts, and movie buffs. But the condition is one must have to budget wisely in order to install the DirecTV service in their house.

When you connect the DirecTV receiver with your TV, it allows you to access hundreds of channels and also features countless movies, music documentaries, and TV shows.

When you connect the television to the receiver and mount a satellite dish on your roof, you’ll be able to browse tons of channels that include both paid channels and unpaid channels.

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After installing you just need to activate the receiver to make the receiver work. DirecTV offers you two ways by which you can activate the receiver over the phone or online.

There are many reasons you might be thinking to end a DirecTV contract or want to find a way by which you can activate a DirecTV receiver without paying. No matter what the reason is you have all the rights to cancel the contract, but you need to careful because if you in the contractual time they might charge you with some amount.

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If you are looking for an easy way to get out of their contract without paying then here are some reasons that can very helpful to you.

Legitimate reasons to avoid DirecTV contract

You can use the following reason to save yourself from getting charged with some amount of money.

  • If the DirecTV services you are using are having outages, if you consistently facing some issues or outages in the service that are stopping you from using the DirecTV services every day, then they will allow you to end the contract without paying money.
  • You are moving out. If you say that you are moving out to a new house or apartment that doesn’t allow you to install the satellite dish on the rooftop, then you can easily end the contract by writing an early termination letter.


  • If you are moving to a new state or another country that doesn’t allow those services the then follow the same story.
  • If you feeling that you are paying more for less or if you are feeling an increase in the fees then you simply argue with them about it and get out of the contract.
  • If the account named after a person has passed away, we hope that you never get into this situation but we are just letting you know that if it happens they won’t charge you any amount

Speaking to a representative of Retention

In case you are out of reason, and looking for something else then you’ll need to do a lit bit more effort with the company. Don’t worry we’ll guide you with that too.

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You can try the above reasons but sometimes they ask for proof of your reasoning which might be a trouble-causing situation for you. So to save yourself you can directly call them.

You need to reach their customer’s services. On reaching to them, ask them to get you to speak to a retention representative. This is because any Customer services representative will be assisting with this problem.

When you get to speak to the retention representative, they’ll try to convince you to extend the service or not canceling the service but you just need to calm and strong on your argument.

Be sure with your objective to cancel the subscription, be clear to them that you need to cancel their services, and say that you can’t keep paying for their services or you want to end their services.

When they’ll fail to convince you they will try to charge you the cancellation fees as all the companies do, but try to negotiate with them in a kind and patient manner, make them understand your concern properly, don’t get rude. Remember the person talking to you on the phone is also human.

And if luck is with you, it’ll work out for you. Sometimes they do waive their charges or sometimes they reduce them. Do your best.

This is how you can get out of their extra charges when you need to escape the services of DirecTV without paying fees.

Hidden features of DirecTV

Here are some hidden features of DirecTV that include advanced recording functions and settings up the recordings.

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Boolean logic:

“AALL” = it’s an AND Boolean operator (all these characters represent how contains the programs{title, about, name, episode, category})

“AANY” = it’s an OR Boolean operator (at least one of these characters represents how the program must contain the programs {title, about, name, episode, category})

NNOT” = it shows that programs exclude any type of program that contains any of these words.

Uses of ANNY or AALL:

The ANNY or AALL operator should appear as the first word in the search to set the search mode.

The NNOT operator can appear anywhere and all the words following the NNOT keyword are considered to exclude.

Setting up a recording

To set up a recording by using the “Keyword search”, write the following codes:

[{AANY/AALL} <tokens>] [{NNOT} <tokens>] [TTITLE/NNAME] [{CCHANS} <number> [<number>]]

Scope filtering

  • TTITLE = It limits the search to only Title field of the Programs
  • NAME = It limits the search to only the Name field (e.g., Actors, Director) of the Program
  • CCHANS = It limits the search to only a specified channel range ( for instance: CCHANS 500 510, or CCHANS 500 for a single channel)

Wrapping up

Unfortunately, there is no way to activate a DirecTV receiver without paying till now but we are still trying to fetch some, we’ll update this article as soon as we get any updates.

If you want to call customers representations, you can call and argue with them about the fees, but it’s a trap and now you are trapped you will have to pay the deactivation fees but you can use any of those reasons listed above.

If in the future you get to see any mistake in the billing, don’t be shy to ask for an explanation, it happens often.

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