How to Connect Two TVs Together to Display the Same Picture – Easy Steps

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How to Connect Two TVs Together to Display the Same Picture

How to Connect Two TVs Together to Display the Same Picture – Easy Steps

Whether you are a gamer or a love to stream movies, and got two TVs and now thinking to upgrade your gaming system then the very first thought that comes to your mind will be about how to connect Two TVs to Display the same Picture.

Don’t worry you are at the right place, today we are writing a guide on how to connect multiple TVs to display the same picture. So, make sure you read out the whole article, you might be able to find something new that you help you in the future.

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You can link two TVs together to display the same picture by multiple approaches. The type of link that is created majorly depends on the preferences on the display. It is easy to link Two TVs or any other kind of Audio/ Video Devices together.

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By linking two computers together you can easily allow both computers to display the same picture and you won’t be needing different cable antennas or receivers. You can link two different TVs with the RCA Audio/ Video cables. You can link two TV together to a common cable box or any media source to view the same picture or you can also create one large picture by connecting two monitors.

How to Connect Two TVs Together to Display the Same Picture

Syncing two TV together via a single source

Connecting two monitors is a common way to displays the same display or image on both the Television screen.  If you have a single wall and two TV and you want to link them both together, even if one of them is in the living room and the other one is in the bedroom.

You can link them both together with the help of a single media resource without needing an additional cable box. But the only downside in this system that you won’t be able to play different channels or media at the same time on either television.

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Gamers also link multiple TV screens to have a bigger and enhancing display. You might have seen multiple TV screens sharing the same display despite being in different rooms in the gaming zones.

These TVs are linked together from a single source connector so that the players can focus on their screens while playing or watching the game from adjacent positions.

Building up the connections

If you want to cast the same content on Two or multiple TV screens, you can do so by setting up the HDMI cable from each of the TV with enough length to reach any media source or to a common box.

  • Firstly, plug an HDMI splitter into the media box to create two different ports instead of one.
  • Then plug each HDMI cable into the splitter and then test both of the Television simultaneously to make sure that everything works perfectly.
  • By doing so, both of the TV should share the same display and works in the same manner. If the TV models are the same, then surely, they’ll display the same content efficiently. If you make any type of display changes in one TV, this will only affect the specific Display. It means that you can change the display of one TV to display a wide-angle and use another TV to fit the screen and both of the screens will act independently.

Chrome cast Television Link

A Chromecast or any other media source will do the job easily but it works differently than a traditional cable box. These media sources don’t require an HDMI cable to link up the devices and these devices often connect directly into a USB port or casts system across a wireless connection.

Casting displays into multiple devices is done by using a specialized process. While in some cases, it’s also possible to use a single device to cast different media simultaneously.

If you have a Chromecast, you will need to add the Chromecast extension and then locate the two boxes into the two­-right corner of the control panel. It represents that two TV are connected to each other. Next, you will need to select the Television screen where you want the content to display by casting.

If you want to cast a different content to the first or second TV, then simply open a new tab then navigate to the desired content, and then select the second TV screen from the top corner of the screen to display that content. This is how Chromecast will display different content on linked televisions.

Linking Two TV Monitors Together

Displaying the same content on different monitors is a common need nowadays, whether you need to give a presentation in a large room without using the projector or if you want to do some hardcore gaming.

Creating a DIY system where you’ll use the same video input in order to display information on TV that is located in two different places. You just can’t split a video signal cable right the way you want it to be or the way you can do it with audio cables. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1

First of all, access the inputs of your TVs. And make sure both should have the same S-video input or RCA. The High-Definition TVs accept a broad range of inputs. If you want to maintain the HD video quality then we recommend you to use the HDMI inputs as they are more efficient.

Step 2

Now, plug the output of your video source into the video input of your video distribution amplifier. And then connect video cables from the video distributor amplifier to video inputs of two TV that you want to link together.

Step 3

Now, select the appropriate video inputs from the options of the remote control of your TV or by using the Television monitors.

TV broad Link

You can also use a TV broad link set up to link two televisions together to enlarge one picture or you can also link multiple numbers of TVs to create one large picture. It’s a common method that is used by those who require to display a larger image in the stadium-style. The combination of the TV screen is done in the even numbers with 2,4,6,8 or you also link more screens.

There are two methods to link TVs together from which the first method is a daisy chain style connection that helps in linking two TV together via an HDMI connection. The internal TV settings are used to create a 2 x 2 linked screen display. The exact process varies based on the brand or model of the TV.

The second method you can use is a video wall controller. This method includes a video wall controller to sync TVs together. Or you can also set the controller to 2 x 2 settings and then plug your media source or cable box into the controller.

Now all the linked screens will share the same display, acting as one large display.

The last line

So, here is a detailed guide on how to connect two TVs to display the same Picture. Hope this article will help you out.

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