How to Block a Number from Leaving Voicemail on Samsung – Easy Solution

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How to Block a Number from Leaving Voicemail on Samsung – Easy Solution

Samsung a brand that is a top smartphone vendor and has millions of people across the globe. And many of the users somehow need a way to block unwanted calls and voicemails at some point in their lives.

Lately, Samsung phone users and android users have reported that they are facing problems that they are unable to block the unwanted callers.

Even after downloading the blocking app, they still are getting unwanted calls and the callers are still able to leave a voicemail on your phone.  To be honest, nobody calls anybody nowadays without being a necessity.

But spammers and robocalls are common and much bigger problem nowadays, which leads anyone to a thought that how to block a number from leaving a voicemail on Samsung.

Last year, an estimated 47.8 billion robocalls are made just in the United States. So yead block unwanted calls and voicemails has become a necessity.

For those who are annoyed by these unwanted calls let me tell you that fortunately, it is easy to block a number from leaving a voicemail on Samsung.

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No matter which phone you are carrying or which variant you have. In this article, we are going to discuss that how to block a number from leaving voice on Samsung.

Most of the android phones nowadays come with number blocking features that come inbuilt into the software and very efficient for blocking unwanted text messages or calls. So, whether if you want to avoid spammers, robocalls, or don’t want to deal with an ex, you are at the right place.   

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Without wasting any time, let’s get started with this article:

How to Block a Number from Leaving Voicemail on Samsung

Remember that the blocking feature on android devices has evolved through several OS updates. They all work in the same way, some of the terms changes with every update.

In this guide, we are primarily focused on the step of how to block a number from leaving Voicemails on Samsung.

Samsung on its new phones has made it much easier because now you’ll be directly blocking calls through the phone app.

To block the unwanted calls and voicemails on Samsung devices, follow the procedure written below:

  • Open the phone app
  • Go the settings
  • Then go to call settings
  • Click on blocked numbers
  • Check the option of blocking the unknown callers.

You will get to see two options here when you enable block unknown callers, your Samsung phone will block the unknown callers, if you want to block a particular number, enter the number into the field or you can also use the recent or Contact tabs to select the number that you want to block.

When you are sorting your contacts in the Contacts app, you can also block them directly from there.

Just tap on any contact to open it up and then click on the overflow menu and tap on Block contact and then hit confirm. It’s easier than it looks like.

Moreover, there is also a faster way by which you can directly block any number from sending you text, calls, or voicemails.

Go into the recent tab and then tap on the relevant log followed by the “i” (info) icon to pull up the details of that contact.

There you will find a block button at the bottom right corner. Tap on it, to instantly block all the calls, messages, and voicemails from that number.

How to check messages, calls, or voice mails from the Blocked number

Now that you have blocked the number and you want to check the messages, texts, or voicemails from the blocked number. Samsung has that easy too. Here’s how you can check without unblocking them:

Incoming calls and text messages from the blocked numbers are saved into the phone app under the icon that indicates the blocked numbers.

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You can check it out there who called you how many times and you can check the text messages and voicemails.

Here is how you can access text messages from a blocked number, open the messages app, go to the settings and go to the overflow menu.

Then tap on the option named blocked number and messages followed by the blocked messages. All the incoming texts are that are coming from blocked numbers are automatically saved in this directory.

Blocking a number from leaving your voicemail via android apps

Those smartphones that don’t come with number block support in their operating system, can download number blocking apps.

Android offers you some cool features being safe to protect your android device from any theft or loss, or annoying calls, text messages, or voice mails.

Here are some applications that can be a useful way when you need to block a number from leaving a voicemail on android phones.

Google voice

An application that carries a feature named “treat as spam” which allows the blocked number to drop the voicemail but in the spam folder, so the voicemail automatically goes to the spam folder in your inbox and you don’t get any notification.

Extreme call breaker

This application is paid but worth the money, it rejects the calls without leaving the caller being able to drop the voicemail so there are no chances that you are getting annoyed by someone again.

The apps have 2 options “hand-up no voicemail” which allows your phone to not ring and you won’t get any notification too.

The other feature is the “allow calls but no voicemail” in this option you will get the missed call notification without hearing the sound of an incoming call. In both of the cases, the blocked user will hear the phone ringing from your side and then the caller will hear the call ending tone.

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Call control call blocker

This app comes with 3 features:

  • Disconnect
  • Ignore
  • Send to voicemail

Also, this app has an option of “Do not Disturb” by which you can block the calls during the desired hours of the day.

Call voicemail blocker

Another application that works like a charm. It comes with a feature to hang up the call on any blocked number that is calling you so that the call is not forwarded to the voicemail.

No more voicemail

Another application that prevents the blocked callers from leaving the voicemail in your inbox. The application eliminates the option of voicemail.

The good thing about this application is that it’s a free application. This application forwards the incoming call to another number that keeps ringing the phone without voicemail.

The main carriers this app works with are AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and more, unless you have a prepaid account.

After you download the app, you can activate the application by verifying your number and block unwanted calls, texts, and voicemails.

If you want to deactivate the app, you can just delete the application.

A simple solution   

The simplest solution you have is to contact your carrier and ask him to disable the voicemail feature on your phone but remember, with this option you are also eliminating the voicemail feature for all of your contact list.

You won’t be able to attend any important call and the person on the other side also won’t be able to leave a voicemail to you. The only option they are left with is to text message or email you.

Also, you can ask your carrier to block robocalls or spammers.

The ending line

You must be thinking that blocking someone to leave voicemail must be a difficult task that requires some serious efforts but you see it’s easy as a piece of cake. And don’t worry you can always unblock the blocked callers if you change your mind or if you want to give them another chance.

If you are facing any trouble in the process, just let us know in the comments section, we are always open to help you.

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