How To Connect Nintendo Switch Without Dock in 2020 [Guide]

How To Connect Nintendo Switch Without Dock

How To Connect Nintendo Switch Without Dock in 2020 [Guide]

Nintendo is basically a Japanese company that is designing gaming consoles for those who are fond of spending their leisure time playing games. Nintendo Switch is one of its amazing products.

If you want to play games while traveling then you should prefer the Nintendo switch which allows you to play without any restriction of a specific location and you do not require any wired connection to enjoy the gaming. You just have to charge it to enter the virtual world of gaming.

You do not like to play games on a small screen of the gaming console? And you are looking to connect it with your LED tv or with your laptop? Then get excited because there is a feature in the Nintendo switch that you can connect this portable gaming console with your LED tv or with your Laptop.

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This feature enables you to enlarge the gaming view and can see the true colors and minute details of the gameplay while playing.


The Nintendo Switch comes with a Dock that has multiple functions to perform. If you have purchased the Nintendo switch lite then it does not come with a dock.

This is the picture of the Nintendo Switch Dock.

How To Connect Nintendo Switch Without Dock

 There are two main functions that a dock has to perform which are as follows:


The most important and primary function of the dock is the charging of the Nintendo Switch. If your do not charge your device then you will not be able to enjoy the premium wireless gaming experience while travelling.

Connection with TV or Laptop

If you want to connect your Nintendo Switch with your laptop, monitor or TV screen then you have to use the dock that comes with your Nintendo switch. Without the dock, it will be difficult for you to connect your Nintendo switch with the big screen.

Problem and difficulty:

Let’s suppose that there is a problem with your Nintendo switch and it gets damaged or scratched or you have lost it. Then the first biggest challenge that you are going to face is the charging problem and the secondary one is the connection of your Nintendo switch with your tv screen or monitor.

As the dock is an electrical device so it might get damaged and may not work or you may have lost it while traveling and now you are seeking a solution.

But do not worry we have the solution for this problem. We have searched various solutions for this problem so you might not have to struggle and wander to look for the solution of charging and connecting your Nintendo switch.


 When you are in trouble or worried about a problem, you seek for immediate solution for the problem. But it is hard to find the solution at a single platform in such conditions. But you do not have to worry because here we are going to relax you by giving you the solution of charging and connecting your Nintendo switch.

Solution for Charging:

The solution for charging is that you can use a power bank in place of the dock if you have lost it or damaged it. But the main thing that you have to take care is that you must have a type C cable.

If you do not have any type C cable then you are not able to charge the gaming console. It might charge slowly and the charging may drain quickly as compared to the dock charging while playing the video games

The second solution for charging is that the gaming console comes with an AC adapter which helps you in charging the Nintendo switch. You just have to connect the charger with the switch and to the power socket to charge it, Otherwise, there is no alternative way of charging the products.

Solution of Connecting:

Now if you want to enjoy the gameplay at the big screen for the bigger view and at UHD display without your dock then we are here to guide the way that how can you connect the Nintendo switch with your TV and Monitor screen.

For this purpose, there is only a single solution that is available for now and that is by purchasing a multi-port hub. This gadget allows you to connect multiple wires with your gaming console.

You just have to connect the HDMI cable with the console and then to the monitor or TV screen to enjoy the premium gaming display.

This is how a multiport hub looks like.

There is a restriction that you have to connect the HDMI cable with your computer and monitor screen at the input port. We have seen that there are most of the latest monitors and laptops are coming with only output port.

So, it does not allow the display of the gaming console on the screen. If you connect the gaming console with your computer or laptop through HDMI cable by using an outport port then it will not project the display of the game on the big screen.

However, the advantage of this multiport hub is that is light-weight and you can carry it wherever you want while travelling.

Video link

For easiness and understanding we are providing a video link in this article so you can easily grab the way that how can you charge and connect your Nintendo Switch without Dock.


So, we have tried to include everything necessary that you may need to connect your portable gaming console by Nintendo with tv screen or with charger. So, that is all from our side. But still in case of any query or question related to this article you can ask us.

You do not have to hesitate or feel shy about asking the question. You can leave your question or query in our comment section or you can email us. We will try to answer your question as soon as possible. It will be a pleasure for us to help you.

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