How to Charge a PS4 Controller Without PS4? Things You Should Know

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How to Charge a PS4 Controller Without PS4

How to Charge a PS4 Controller Without PS4? Things You Should Know

PS4 controllers need at least 2 hours to be charged completely. But what if you misplaced your cable? You can still charge your PS4 controller without PS4. 

In this innovative world where everything is getting advanced and digital, games are also being played on machines and gadgets. Smartphones and tablets are great choices. But still play stations have their scope.

People, especially youngsters are fond of gaming. The reason is these games come with incredible features, designed with the new technology while providing never-ending entertainment to the user.

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But these digital devices are costly. Whenever, a problem arises, put your effort to fix it. As you can find your desired content anytime from the internet via blogs and YouTube videos. Let’s say your DualShock controller charging cable is lost? What will you in that case?

You need to rush to the market to find new alternatives for this purpose. there are several methods through which you can solve this issue. As for spending money each time is not the best solution. Here we are going to list ways through which your PS4 controller can be charged.


The PS4 controller is a small device. The 1st and handy way through which you can charge your controller is through the PS4 console. That’s what is written in the manual. You just need to connect the PS4 controller with the console via USB cable. To check the charging process, press the PS button and you can see the charging level on the screen.

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But in case if the cable is misplaced or your USB cable length is short then you have to adopt an alternative method for charging purposes. these Three methods can assist you in this regard.

The first and safest way is you can charge it by using a charging station. In this way, you can save yourself from several issues.

The 2nd method involves charging it by using the charger that is compatible with the micro-USB port of the controller. The mobile charger made by Samsung can be the best.

The third and last way is buying battery packs for your controller. You can charge those batteries and use them whenever you need them.

So, how can you use each of the above-listed methods? The details are given below:


As we already know, PS4 has a USB port. This micro-B connector is responsible to charge the controller with the USB cable that came with the console. Because of voltage issue, you can’t be optimized any sort of cable. otherwise, the ordinary cable can cause permanent damage to your play station battery.

The way through which you can easily charge your battery without any difficulty is through a battery station. These battery stations are easy to use and while providing you comfort by connecting them directly to the controller. That means you don’t need a cable for connectivity.

Without any compatibility issues, you can directly optimize a charging station. And each station is capable to charge two controllers individually at a time.


As the port is micro-sized. So, before purchasing or connecting smartphone chargers with your PS4 controller check the compatibility. These chargers are made to charge your smartphones shortly.

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These quick chargers need high voltage from the source which can affect the life span of your battery. A controller just needs 5V to be charged.

Another thing you should keep in your mind that the chargers should be genuine. Local chargers are not recommended.


With the evolution in technology, we are inventing new gadgets on daily basis. Our thinking capability is getting broader. Without the charging cables and battery station, the other easiest way is to get battery packs for your PS4 controller. 

You can get a powerful battery and place it on the backside of the controller according to your requirement. Charge them separately and use them whenever the other one is getting drained. In this way, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility requirement.


The perfect consumption of voltage to charge a battery is necessary. At times when the voltage exceeds its limit, the durability of the battery can be affected.

In the case of the PS4 controller, the current of 800mA or 0.8A is enough. As it is marked on the controller. If the chargers marked with the higher current are utilized, then the battery will work smoothly but still, it’s a risk for your controller.

And if the charger is less powerful then it will also be a problem for you when you decide to use it while charging. As the power given to the controller is dissipated and more power is required to work efficiently. These types of chargers take a longer time to charge your battery completely.


With all the basic accessories that are required with the PS4 controller, sometimes a battery can cause a problem. It is not charging perfectly due to some issue.

You can locate the cause by yourself if you are using PS4 for years. But for newbies locating an issue can be burdensome. To assist you in that way here we are listing some tricks and techniques due to which your problem can be solved.

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Your DualShock 4 is not charging. It might be a compatibility concern. The USB cable might be damaged. In this case, purchasing a new cable from the market is an excellent option.


It looks silly but yes position also matters a lot. Sometimes, charging issues occur because the controller is placed in the wrong position. Just put it upside down while charging and you can see the problem is solved.


Another reason why the controller is facing a problem during charging is the console issue. You can figure it out by charging your PS4 controller with a charger or battery station. If the console is an issue, then try to repair it or replace it with the new one.


Have you tried everything? Still, the controller is unable to charge? Then charging port might be an issue. Most PS4 users rely on two controllers with the same USB cable.

To check whether the port is working or not charge the other controller with it. To troubleshoot this problem, you have to replace the port with the new one.


To extend the battery life of the PS4 controller here are some tips:

  • Try not to use the PS4 controller while it is on charging.
  • By switching off the vibration mode from the settings, you can make your battery durable.
  • Dim the light bar from the settings to reduce the drainage of your battery.

By acting upon the listed tips, you can increase the life span of your battery.


Play station 4 users are increasing all over the world. And the gadget is available in the market at a handsome price. In case of any issue, try to fix it by yourself first instead of heading towards the market.

Value your money. Moreover, it is advised before charging the battery again to try to reduce its percentage to zero. And then charge it fully.

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