How to Connect a Phone To Xbox 360 with USB – Easy way to Follow

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How to Connect a Phone To Xbox 360 with USB

How to Connect a Phone To Xbox 360 with USB – Easy Way to Follow

We can say that games have become a whole part of our life. Whether it is an Android or iOS, every game is still being played no matter how old they. For instance, take Angry Birds.

There are people out there who still play Angry Birds. On the other side, console games that were released ten years ago are still considered nostalgic. These games are controlled with a single move of a finger over Xbox controllers. Made with excellent high definition graphics and stunning visuals never fails to surprise us.

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While the online store is full of games that just make your day, besides, some games take advantage of a smartphone’s touchscreen, and certain games only feel good with a physical controller such as FPS (first-person shooter), fighting games, racing, and also RPGs, just to name a few.

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Touch controls for mobile screens aren’t always helpful.  Perhaps they are poorly implemented or maybe your device doesn’t support them. Is that it? If this is the case then no need to get frustrated. You can consider connecting a game controller.

If you happen to have an Xbox 360 controller lying around you, then grab it and follow this article. In this article, we are going to write to connect the phone to Xbox 360 through USB. But before that, let us discuss some basic and hidden features of the Xbox 360.

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Xbox 360 in 2023

Xbox 360 is a device that connects to your computer for playing video games. The Microsoft product Xbox 360 was released in 2005. Xbox 360 can support up to 4 controllers using the wireless system. In 2009 IGN declared Xbox 369 as one of the sixth greatest game consoles in the world.  Some of the great features of the Xbox 360 are

Features of Xbox 360

  • An optional hard drive: Some of the models of the Xbox include hard drives where you can store your photos, music, and videos
  • Wireless controller: It offers a wireless controller so you can connect up to four controllers at the same time
  • USB ports: There are two front USB ports, and one is at the back where you can connect your digital camera or PSP.
  • Better controller: It has a better controller than the PlayStation 3 as it fits the hand more comfortably and works smoothly.
  • RAM:  The RAM of the Xbox 360 is 512MB. So it makes the game fast and smooth.
  • Audio processor: It has a 32-bit audio processor

Advantages of Xbox 360

Here are some advantages of Xbox 360.

  • More secure than PlayStation: If you want to differentiate between which is more secure, then you should go with the Xbox as there are fewer hacks and other issues compared to PlayStation
  • Excellent online service: It has excellent online service. You can always talk to your family and friends
  • Cheap games: There is no doubt that there Xbox has  cheap games, which is why people prefer it more
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Hidden Features/ Tricks you don’t know about Xbox 360

  • The system can update through disk: Are you having a problem downloading the latest update? Go to the Xbox 360 system update page burn it to a disc and put the disc into your Xbox 360 and you’re good to go
  • Hard drive full of Junk files: Clear the cache, it might be possible that your hard drive is full of old games and the things you have downloaded. Go to the system blade, select memory, and then press Y. The next thing you have to do is press the X, X, left bumper, Right bumper, X, and X (It might delete some of your games so you have to re-download it). It will help to speed up your game speed.

3 versions of Xbox 360:

Here are three versions of the Xbox 360.

Xbox 360: There is no HDMI cable with it. It has a 20GB hard drive

Xbox 360 Elite: It has an HDMI cable with 120GB hard drive

Xbox 360 Arcade: It is the cheapest Xbox 360 you can get.  There are no cables with it.

How to connect a phone to an Xbox 360 with USB?

All you need is a new generation phone a USB connector cable and nothing else. To connect the phone to Xbox 360 with USB, follow these steps

  1. Using a USB connector cable, connect your phone with the Xbox. Plug the USB cable into any of the front plates of the Xbox console
  2. Turn on the Xbox. Click on “My Xbox” and go to the “Music” library. Choose a portable device. On your cellular device, you will see a list of media files. Click on the green button on your controller to play any of them

 How to connect an Xbox 360 controller to Android for “Wired Xbox 360” controller (In detail):

For people who have a wired Xbox 360, follow these simple and easy steps, and you’re good to go

  1. Plug the USB connector to your phone
  2. Plug your Xbox cable into the USB port
  3. When the lights turn on, you are good to go
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How to connect an Xbox 360 controller to Android for a “Wireless Xbox 360” controller (In detail):

For people who have a wireless Xbox 360, follow these steps

  1. Plug the USB connector to your phone
  2. Plug the wireless receiver into the USB-A port
  3. Open your Xbox
  4. Press the Xbox button on the controller
  5. Press the small button and you will find the wireless receiver
  6. Press the sync button on the controller
  7. You will see the light flashing, and the light around your controller will start spinning
  8. When it stops spinning and flashes again, that means you are good to go

Connect your phone to Xbox 360 through the SmartGlass app:

Xbox 360 owners can now use their phones to play games, watch movies, and many more. You can play, pause, rewind, and forward through your phone. You won’t need a controller for it. Your phone can also be used as a screen where you can play the same game on two screens simultaneously, one on the phone and the other on the Xbox.

Wrapping up

Unfortunately, this is where your mileage may vary. Some games may support the Xbox 360 controller right off the bat without throwing any issues but there might be some games that might require you to switch from the touchscreen input to the controller input, which you can find settings.

Also, these games do not feature the ability to button map. You might be stuck with the default buttons layout, so that’s why you might need to take some time to get your handy with new controls, and this may vary from game to game.

These are some of the points I gathered that might be helpful. Follow these steps, and I hope this article might help you and would save you time. For more queries or if you want to add something to it, comment below in the comments section, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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