How to Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering

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How to Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering

How to Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering

Before we start we are article how to fix a laptop power jack without soldering, let us first discuss the basic mechanism of the power jack and how it communicates with other components and chargers.

Power jack and charger

The charger of the laptop works on two different types of signals: one is positive (+ve) and the other is GND. Some of the laptop-producing companies like Dell feature an extra sensing pin coupled with these positive and negative connectors.

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So if you are using a Dell laptop then there might be chances that your laptop comes with sensing pins along with 2 connectors.

These connectors are crimped with a connector that is placed in the motherboard. In this, there are some chances that you might be able to fix your laptop jack without soldering.


Now, there might be chances that the reason why your laptop isn’t charging is the adapter

So firstly, we need to make sure that if it’s a charger that causing the problem and it’s the DC jack of the laptop. If the DC jack of the laptop is out of order or not working properly then no worries because it usually happens.

To find out the faulty components, check the adapter, to check it out connect your laptop to the switch extension or directly to the plug, and then check out the running voltage.

Read and note down the reading and see if it matches with voltage printed at the back of the body of the charger then. If it’s exceeding or decreasing, then the normal result it’s a problem.

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Pick out the main issue

Over the internet, there are a lot of articles on how to fix a power jack without soldering but those articles only show a particular fix of a laptop which can’t facilitate everyone. There are different types of issues related to a DC jack.

So, what’s the proper fix that can solve the issue of fixing the power jack without soldering. To solve the problem first you need to identify the problem and then go further along with fixing as there are different fixing to all problems. For example:

  • The power jack is damaged.
  • The internal pin that comes placed in the power jack is damaged.
  • The DC-in jack is generating current or spark it comes near or in contact with the laptop. And it might also get hot.
  • Coming out of jack from a laptop.
  • The motherboard is burnt so interrupt the connection between the circuit and the jack.
  • The pins of the jack of the laptop are wobbling over the motherboard, while you connect it with the charger.

As you can see, not one but there is a different type of problems that might be a reason of your laptop’s power jack to work improperly. So, any particular or single solution can’t be a permanent solution to our question of how to fix the laptop power jack without soldering.

How to fix a laptop power jack without soldering?

To fix a laptop power jack without soldering, youwillneed these tools:

  • Zip ties.
  • Multimeter.
  • Pliers.
  • Sodium and iron
  • Wire strippers, etc. (For laptop’s AC)
  • Empty highlighter barrel and Sharp empty barrel
  • An AC adaptor that must be compatible with your laptop.
  •  Other common tools such as screwdriver, screws, drills, and hammer.


  • First, you need to prepare a barrel with two holes. You can do this by detaching the ink holder and the tip of the market.
  •  Then, make a hole on both sides of the barrel.
  • Next, you need to prepare cables by prepping them. The procedure includes the cutting of the laptop cord. For this, we are working with two things i.e. laptop AC adapter and the generic AC adapter. Do the following steps with a generic AC adaptor.
  • Now, cut the cord of the generic adapter to the length size that is required. Make sure that the cord is neither too long o nor too short.
  • Now, grab the earlier prepared cord and then insert it into the barrel.
  • Then, strip the wires to expose them. Now, follow these steps for the laptop AC adaptor.
  • Now, reduce the size of the cord that needs to be replaced.
  • Then, find the tip section of that barrel and then put the cord in and make sure that the wires are stripped out for exposure.
  • Now, you need to repair the power jack by joining two cords together. It’s a very important step you need to be keenly observant and remember to use the multimeter to make sure that you are dealing with the right combination of wires.
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Some problems related to, pins, wires, and motherboard.

The DC-in jack comes with a separate connector to connect with a laptop motherboard. if there is an issue with pins, wires, or motherboard, you can fix it by following these steps.

  • First, you need to disconnect the jack connector from the motherboard and connect the adapter with the DC jack. After you build up a connection, check the voltage of the jack connector. At this condition or stage, there shouldn’t be any voltage.
  • The reason for no voltage is a damaged wire, now you have to locate that damaged wire and then disconnect the pin of the DC-jack and then solder it. Heat shrink tubes can also be a good way to solder the wires. After soldering, recheck the voltage, you will see a voltage reading in the multimeter which means that the problem is solved and wires are working properly. That’s it.

If the DC-in jack is already soldered to the motherboard and not working properly

  • In such a condition, it requires a bit of hard work and a long process, and a lot of care because now we will be working on the motherboard.
  • If the DC jack is wobbling, then the reason for this is dry soldering, and the continuous force will make it even worse than ever. So, to fix it you will need to apply the flux all over and around the pins of the jack and solder the pins or wires again.

If the motherboard is burned, damaged or pin is broken or damaged.

If the motherboard is burned, damaged, or any pin in the motherboard is broken and damaged then there is an easy way to repair this, all you need is some advanced skills because when it comes to soldering even a single wrong connection can make your laptop unrepairable.

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So it is advised to careful when you are using this method.

To fix the damaged motherboard, you need to find the track that is burned, if it’s a positive one, the negative one, the GND, or the sensing signal. Once you find the track, solder it on that location from the jack pin.

And that’s all, you just need to repeat the process carefully and avoid the wires from getting damaged again.

For satisfaction, you can apply a mixture of epoxy hot glue to make sure the soldering of the joint to the motherboard and to make it enough strong to withstand.


For better results, use copper wire as they avoid heat and burning. So make sure you use the copper wire, and remember not to put the glue inside the DC-in jack connector.

Wrapping up

 This article on how to fix a laptop power jack without soldering will give you a concise idea of what to do. When you’re done with the process, test your laptop and check it’s working properly. You can also check out reviews about laptops.

Good luck.

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