How to Get DirecTV Now On LG Smart TV – Easy to Follow

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How to Get DirecTV Now On LG Smart TV
How to Get DirecTV Now On LG Smart TV

How to Get DirecTV Now On LG Smart TV – Easy to Follow

LG, famous TV brand which also produces high-end Smartphones with jaw-dropping features and camera result. Here we are going to mention out How to Get DirecTV Now On LG Smart TV with an easy guide to follow.

The Moto of LG is “Life’s Good,” which speaks for its brand product. LG has been working in the industry for decades and holds a more excellent image when it comes to the TV.

LG is giving its operating Web System smart TV platform a significant upgrade after a while. It is expanding its roaster of apps, content on the TV. There is also an upgrade in content partners which include 4K and HD streaming of DirecTV content for subscribers.

The new Web Operating System will grant the DirecTV users with LG Smarts TVs to stream HD and 4k content. The users of 2014 and 2015 LG Smart TVs with DirecTV will be allowed with a Genie HD DVR to watch Full High-Display DVR content on the TV without extra set-top boxes. The LG TVs will have the new update of the DirecTV app by September. 2.

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Other new content partners of LG Web Operating System TVs include Rdio and iHeartRadio. LG also announced at free firmware update for an older version, i.e., 2014 Web operating System smart TVs “to give owners virtually all of the new Web Operating system 2.0 features that debuted on this year’s new Smart TV models.”

All other upgrades of TVs will offer an improved user experience with a more intuitive layout, smooth interface, convenient shortcuts, shorter start-up time, and faster performance when switching between the apps. Like LG stated, this new update will be out and available in September 2021.

Features of the update:

Like LG said, the new update will be a significant improvement as compared to older Web Operating System version: Here are some the new features LG promises:

  • Faster performance: With the new update, users will experience a quicker implementation of the Operating System, when launching the home menu, accessing settings and loading applications.
  • Improved Quick Settings: It minimizes the distraction from the content with vertical “buttons” placed on the right side of the screen activated when the Magic Remote Cursor passes or crosses over them.
  • Added on Channels: It allows users to customize their favorite live TV, channels, or  Set-top box channels on the launcher bar or the home screen for greater convenience, quicker access to apps and smoother interface.
  • Updated Quick Settings: It will include this useful feature as a Quick menu option, which will grant faster access to a variety of inputs.
  • Modified Live Menu: This feature refers to the update of the live channel list with a modern and aesthetic look as well feels with more detailed information.

Users that have of Web Operating System 1.0 TV who have an automatic update option enabled in their TV will receive the notification of new updates when released.

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They will asked whether you want to install the upgrade or not. If the automatic update is not enabled, the users will receive a pop-up notification on their screen to guide them throughout the process.

Here are the models of LG Smart-TV that will receive the new update: LB6300, LB6500, LB7100, LB7200, UB8500, UB9200, UB9300, UB9500, UB9800, EC9300, EC9700 and EG9700.

The DirecTV Ready-enabled TV models are LG LF6300 and EG9100. DirecTV 4K Ready-enabled TV models are the UF9500, UF7600, UF7690, UF7700, UF8500, UF8600 and EG9600.

How to install DirecTV Now on LG Smart TV

DirecTV is one of the advanced and smart services considered when it comes to TV. It is mainly famous for its tons of collection of movies, TV shows and much more.

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DirecTV NOW app can be used to stream live TV and on-demand video content at any hour of the day with a subscription price. DirecTV Now is now known as AT&T TV. The procedure on installing DirecTV Now on LG Smart TV is not a hard and fast rule. Instead, it can be done in seconds.

How can we forget that LG just set a deal with DirecTV (and now owned by AT&T), which includes access to DirecTV services, at least for a subscription? This means that the new update named as 2.0 LG Smart TV also comes with DirecTV Ready and DirecTV 4k Ready features. You’ll need a 4K Smart TV to enjoy the DirecTV 4K Ready.

This update will be out soon on September 21st for all LG Smart TV from 2014, no news about the previous models. If your updates have been set to automatically then it will download and reboot on its own. In case it is not, head over to the update section of your LG TV to activate it.

Here is how you can install DirecTV Now on LG Smart TV.

LG Smart TV consists of a Web Operating System on its Smart TV. This Web Operating System is a Linux-Kernel based developed and designed for Smart TVs.

After researching over the web, we are saddened to inform you that currently, DirecTV Now (AT&T TV) is not available for LG Smart TVs. LG Smart TV has its app store named as LG content store.

This app store contains a wide range of apps. But unfortunately, in this App store, you can’t find any app named DirecTV Now or AT&T app.

If you want to use the DirecTV app on your LG Smart TV, then we have a way for you and that is to cast the app through your smartphone to the TV. Fortunately, LG Smart TV has the screen share app to cast from smartphones and PC.

We are unsure why LG Smart TV is not having the DirecTV app on its app store. LG is not the only one who is not having DirecTV services. Vizio Smart TV is also experiencing the absence of DirecTV. So, the users of Vizio Smart TV also have the same option to cast the screen of Smartphone with Smart TV. In this way, both users can use the DirecTV Now app.

Our opinion

Unfortunately, there is not anyway by which you can download the DirecTV app. You can try installing it from the browser as a third-party app but we are not sure that it will or not. We are not sure that whether you will be able to find the APK version of DirecTV Now. We hope that after the release of this update of LG Smart TV 2.0, we can get access to DirecTV Now app.

To cope with the situation, what you can do is to cast the screen of your Smartphone with Smart TV. That’s all for now.

We will update you whenever we get an update on any about DirecTV and LG Smart TV. Thank you.

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