How To Get Michael Jordan Connection 2k17

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How To Get Michael Jordan Connection 2k17

Michael Jordan is arguably one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He is also a huge fan of the NBA, which was why he was part owner of the Charlotte Hornets. In the year 2022, you can’t really know and enjoy pro basketball if you didn’t play the latest installment of NBA 2K17. Jordan was very instrumental in obtaining my copy, as I had no idea how to get it thanks to his connections.


Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. And, with his addition to NBA 2K17, he’s also the best athlete in video games right now.

Jordan is a new unlockable legendary player in this year’s game, and he comes with 99 overall rating — which is the highest you can get. He’s also got a 96 in speed and quickness (making him one of the fastest players in the game), 95 in vertical, 92 in shooting, and 91 in dribbling. He’s essentially a god among men, so it’s just not fair to put him on the court with anyone but other gods among men.

But unlocking Jordan isn’t easy. You have to complete a series of objectives to earn him for your team, and you have to do that before Feb. 20 or else he won’t be available anymore. Here are the requirements you have to accomplish:

How To Get Michael Jordan Connection 2k17

There are many legends about the Michael Jordan legend. Here’s where you can learn how to get Michael Jordan on 2k17.

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Trying to get Michael Jordan onto an NBA 2K roster can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many different methods that you can use to add him to your team, and knowing which ones work best for you is key.

The trick to getting Jordan onto any NBA 2K roster is with a glitch called the “Alternate Universe” mode. Once you’ve activated this mode, you’ll be able to select any player from any team in the league.

There are 5 easy steps that you need to follow if you want to get Michael Jordan on 2k17:

1.) Gain access to the “Alternate Universe” mode

2.) Choose a team that has MJ on their roster (Or more specifically, choose one where he’s not already appearing)

3.) Sign him using your created player slot or another free slot on your roster (You’ll need 12 roster slots for this)

4.) Turn off injuries and autosubs (This will ensure that he plays every game)

5.) Play 10 games in a row with him and he should stick around long enough for you.

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