How to Grow SugarCane in Minecraft? – 2 Different Ways

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How to Grow SugarCane in Minecraft

How to Grow SugarCane in Minecraft? – 2 Different Ways

Sugar cane mining is one of the trouble-free tasks in mine craft, but most people face difficulty to grow sugar cane in Minecraftso here is the ultimate solution. 

Yes, you heard it right! Sugar cane is one of the easiest crops to grow in mine craft, unlike other crops. It is one of the most common crops for earning emeralds and rockets in mine craft. 

The best thing about this crop is that it can grow in almost any circumstance. The sugar cane can grow up to 4 blocks tall, but the shorter plants can only go up to three blocks. The only advice to the players is that plant sugar cane near water. 

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Water is the only way to harvest sugar cane, and it can be a river or an ocean, and all the circumstances are essential in Minecraft. The sugar cane is a block ranging from one-four blocks, and each design consists of different blocks.

Blocks are the best building block of sugar canes, and the article highlights how to grow sugar cane in Minecraft?

Mechanics of Sugar Cane!

The mechanics of sugar cane is a salient factor. The best circumstance to plant sugar cane is in the grass, dirt, or even sand blocks. These blocks need to be near the water and far away from other crops.

 If you pursue 16 random ticks, the crop tends to grow one block vertically. It is most similar to the growth method of cactus and bamboo. The sugar cane block tends to grow in 18 minutes, and one block appears. 

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 Naturally, the sugarcane will grow up to three blocks. The best quality of sugar cane is that it can even grow in the absence of sunlight. 

The water displacement properties tend to create different channels to water the sugar canes. It will allow the players to move as the water is being given through underground channels. 

The sugar cane comes in different colors due to the biome. If the plant and harvesting use a composter, there is a scope to increase by level 1. 

The Manual Farm Designs!

The initial step to build a sugar cane farm is to choose a design. At the start, you can plant the sugar canes near the water. But, this may not help in the long run. While implementing sugar cane on a larger scale, it is necessary to maintain a balance between compactness and difficulty to ease. 

A double-row design is not one of the most efficient designs in Minecraft. For a semi-automated design, it is necessary to use a flowing water resource rather than a stagnant water resource. This method is helpful in harvesting, and the water will go to a central location.

Another variant is to use a grid pattern design. The grid pattern allows you to have four sugar canes per water source. The difficulty in harvesting can reduce by using some lily pads.

These lily pads will allow making the surface smooth. A smooth the surface will provide an adequate ground for the players, and they will not fall due to slippery surfaces. Using light blocks will prevent mob spawning. Due to a waterlogged feature, one can use it as a water source instead of using lily pads.

 In the period of harvesting, take small steps, and sweep sideways to break each sugarcane block. The fastest way to grow more sugar canes is to get block ticks. All the issues related to sugar cane harvesting are traceable with the help of a bug tracker. Now, let us have a look at the semi-automatic farm designs.

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The Semi-automatic farm designs!

In the bedrock edition, the sugar canes don’t come with water resources. By using this technique, it is easier to make semi-automatic farms. These techniques will also be applicable in the Java version.

But, it will take more time in the breakage of sugar canes. Other designs can also convert into automated designs. 

Now, let us look at the water canal designs. 

Water Canal Designs!

The manual farm list consist the double-rowed designs. Now, you can place the dispensers that come with the water buckets.

After removing the water streams from the dispenser, the player can pick up the sugar cane and replant it without any hassle. Up next is the Piston Harvester.

Piston Harvester

The piston harvester uses pistons to harvest the sugar canes. But, if the block grows greater it will fall. The player can pick up the blocks in this stage. Another design is the bone meal design.

Bone Meal Design!

The bone meal design exists in the Bedrock Edition. This design helps to grow the farm in no time. Isn’t this mechanism the best? But, bone meal is not used on full-grown crops.

In this design, the player can easily break the middle block and harvest a large quantity of sugar cane.

Now, let us have a look at the fully automated designs.

The fully automated designs!

The fully automated harvesting of sugar cane depends on the red stone clock or growth detection. But, these designs are expensive than other designs. Most of these designs have lagged, and they lack performance.

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At the end of the day, they offer the ultimate production of sugar cane that helps in the long run.

Another way is to pile up three different blocks which, also have a piston and an observer. Now, you can plant sugarcane with the use of a hopper system.

The automatic cane farms include Stationery designs, flying designs, sim-tick, and zero-tick designs. The flying designs acquire some additional requirements like slime block. Obtaining this block can be difficult for users.

The zero-tick gives various updates about the growth. All these designs have the usage of pistons readily. In the zero-tick design, one can get over 2000 + sugarcane designs. At the second level, when the sugar cane breaks, the time resets.Another design on our list is the stationary design.

The stationary design!

The stationary designs are fully automated. They often require a day-light sensor along with another clock circuit. By adding another layer of the piston, you will be able to reduce losses.

Instead of using a clock, it is better to use observers to grow the sugar canes rapidly. The clock method uses an inefficient amount of space.

The flying design!

The flying machines are an effective way of creating one of the most exceptional farms in Minecraft. The pistons in this design prevent any lag.

But, the disadvantage of these farms is that it requires a constant re-load otherwise they will break. So, this can be a risky technique if they are unattended.

Why is sugar cane not growing?

After placing and harvesting sugar cane near water, some may not get the result. It may be because they are planted outside the surface area, or it will take some time, and eventually, it would grow in a dark room. The only condition is watering the sugar canes.


It brings us to the end of the sugar cane harvesting tricks and tips now you know how to grow sugar cane in Minecraft? If you are facing other farming challenges so, the best solutions are automated techniques. You are all set to go!

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