How to Stop Pillagers From Spawning – Easy Steps to Follow

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How to Stop Pillagers From Spawning

How to Stop Pillagers From Spawning – Easy Steps to Follow

Here we are back with another trending topic that most of the players are asking about, how to stop pillagers from spawning. Who are pillagers? Pillagers are the hostiles (Illagers) that are armed with the crossbars and they engage the player via ranged combat, which might be annoying and frustrating to some.

Villages already had many zombies to worry about, also the lightning storms, and a lot of zombie stupidity. But after the village and pillage update, the number of threats has increased 5x more.

These villagers are a category of the mob in the game and they search for the villages to raid, this is how they scour the world of Minecraft.

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They are armed with crossbows and have a unique force of destruction for you to hold with. In this article, we are going to tell you how to stop pillagers from spawning and everything that you need to know about them.

Usually, the pillagers come in a group of the whole patrol where one of them acts as the patrol captain. Not only that they also spawn in raids or outposts.

You know what annoying and why most people ask about how to step pillagers from spawning? The reason behind this is, whenever you try to kill a group of pillagers, more and more of them keep spawning after a short period, which often frustrates the players.

However, there are a different number of methods that you can adopt to stop the pillagers from spawning. In this article, we are going to discuss them and also, we are going to some interesting and informative content about the game Minecraft that will enhance your gaming experience.

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How to stop pillagers from spawning

There are different methods by which you can stop the pillagers from spawning in the game. But before we discuss the solution, let me state some reason and conditions that might be the reason for all this trouble that keeps pillagers spawning.

Conditions of spawning of pillagers

  • The pillagers spawn within the 5 x 5 chunk area under the pillager’s outpost, along with the outpost in the middle chunk that makes up 25 chunks in total.
  • The pillagers spawn between the 53 blocks on the vertical axis, this axis includes the height of the outpost that is 21 blocks plus the 20 blocks right above the post and 12 blocks below.

For Example: Let’s consider the lowest block of the outpost spawns at level 60, while the lowest pillagers can spawn up to in that area is Y level 48, and the highest level would be level 101. In such a scenario, the pillager will get respawn at 102 and above or never respawn at level 47 or below.

When you are in the available area, the pillagers will always spawn on the grassy and sandy surface regardless of the light level, but they are more likely to spawn on any opaque block at the lower light levels. 

How to stop pillagers from spawning

Here are some methods by which you can stop the unwanted pillagers from spawning.

  1. Lower your difficulty level

The first, simple and very easy method by which you can stop the pillagers from spawning is by lowering the difficulty of the game. Lowers the settings all the way down to Easy. It is because, when you are playing with the easy settings, the pillagers don’t spawn at the light levels above level 9.

Yeah, pillagers will spawn at night, but we can avoid that as well by simply using the torches. While, another alternative solution when you find a group of pillagers, is to run away from them.

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When are 150-200 meters far from them, the pillagers will despawn automatically after few seconds.

  1. Trapping the pillagers

As we have mentioned above, when are in a mood to fight and kill a pillager, you will see get the pillager will respawn after a short period. It means that by killing you are getting anywhere, instead, you are inviting more of them.

The second solution we have is to trap them. You trap the pillagers by using the blocks and by digging a big hole. First, you will need to determine the spawn, and then you can also place the lava inside the hole (If you are much annoyed.) trapping the pillagers will save you from both efforts, of killing them and stopping their respawning.

In either case, it won’t make the all of pillagers disappear at once, but it ensures that more of them don’t spawn.

  1. Removing the grass

As we told you the pillagers respawn on the grass and sandy surface, so removing the grass might be a helpful solution.

Firstly, remove all grass and sand block in your area and also light up the area up to level 9. The pillagers can spawn at sky level 11 but if the block level is 9, the higher sky light level will not be counted.

  1. Removing the blocks

Another alternative method you still have is to remove the 13 blocks down the lowermost block of the outpost so that it’ll be impossible for the pillagers to respawn.

By doing so, no pillagers will be able to respawn, as there will be will not be enough light to respawn, now if you want you can place sand and sand at the bottom level without worrying about pillagers getting respawned.

You can also place some blocks above the spawn area, if you want to, this will also prevent them to appear.

What are Outposts?

You might be thinking what are the outposts. Outposts are the pillager-specific structures that just typically spawn from out of the village.

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The outpost towers are constructed from dark oak and cobblestone and give them an ominous appearance. The pillagers can spawn within a radius around these outposts and they will attack any upcoming threat that comes within their area.

Ah, pillager outpost!

The other structures generate around a pillager outpost, including the dark oak cages that often contain the captive iron golems. If you want to aid or want to bring down the outpost, you will need to free these iron golems.

Or you can also avoid these outposts, and you will see no result. The outpost contains chests along with the valuable loot in them that includes:

  • Carrot
  • Potato
  • Tripwire hook
  • Dark oak log
  • Wheat
  • Iron ingot
  • Arrow
  • Enchanted book
  • Bottle o’ Enchanting Crossbow
  • String
  • Crossbow

Raids of pillagers

Depending on the difficulty level, the raids will have either have 3, 5, and 7 waves with various numbers of enemies. The raids are also introduced other enemies besides the traditional pillager and the odd vindicator.

It's a raid

You will find most of the illager mobs in the raid, moreover, there is also an addition of a new kind of mob exclusive to the raids that pack a blast. The mobs you can find in a raid includes:

  • Pillagers: The go-to rank and file soldiers can be found in these raids, crossbow-wielding machines.
  • Witches: It’s a nasty mob that throws a variety of potions and poisons at their enemies.
  • Vindicators: An uncommon member of the pillagers. It is equipped with oddly dull iron axes that require some serious effort to hold on

There are also some other that includes: Ravagers, captains, Evokers. The only way to destroy the raid is to kill all the upcoming enemies.

The bottom line

In this article, we have listed different methods by which you can stop the pillagers from respawning. No doubt, the pillagers are a hassle, but they are also an excellent way to speed up your profit by trading as well as racking up the experience points.

By clearing out the outpost, you can also build up a collection of gently use crossbows and decorative banners.

So this was all about how to stop the pillagers from respawning.  

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