How to Install Popcorn Time on iPad – Easy Steps to Follow

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How to Install Popcorn Time on iPad

How to Install Popcorn Time on iPad – Easy Steps to Follow

Popcorn time is a streaming service popular for offering movies, web series for free. Popcorn time just works like Netflix but with pirated content. All of us already know how common it has become to download pirated software, movies, and web series.

But iOS users may have some restrictions to download and stream content directly, due to apple’s security policies. Unlike windows and android, IOS doesn’t provide you with the flexibility of approach to pirated and free content online. Popcorn is getting popular for its growing support for android and recently for IOS.

Popcorn time is basically a BitTorrent client with UI designed similar to Netflix or Amazon Prime. Popcorn time allows you to search desired content and watch in different resolutions up to 1080p. You can watch a bunch of movies, websites from all around the world. 

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It works similarly to torrent clients and movies will be processed in the background, once you select them. Once finished, you can enjoy the movie on any third-party player on your Ipad. We recommend the MX player, as it supports a wide range of video formats.

Many streaming services failed to run on IOS without jailbreak. But if you are looking for free streaming services that provide you copyrighted content free on IOS, Here your search comes to end.

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You can install popcorn time on IOS without jailbreak. And when it comes to streaming and watching videos, you get the best experience on IPad.

Always keep in mind that applications like popcorn time infringe copyright law. Moreover, the popcorn time website has mentioned to users “ Use at your own risk ”. For more information regarding infringing laws visit the popcorn time official website.

If you are still interested to install popcorn time on Ipad. Keep going and follow our complete guide on how to install popcorn time on Ipad. And also keep your popcorn kernels ready for fresh popcorns while watching your favourite show. Let’s start!

  1. Install IOS installer to your Mac or Windows PC. Go to popcorn time and select popcorn time for IOS and download will be started. Once finish downloading the setup,  install the application on your windows or mac device.
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How to Install Popcorn Time on iPad
  • Now connect your Ipad to a PC or Mac through a data cable. Make sure your device has iTunes installed. Because you may not able to sync your Ipad and complete the process. Itune is available on both the Apple store and the Windows store.
How to Install Popcorn Time on iPad
  • When you will connect the Ipad, turn on flight mode on IPad and keep it on through the installation process. One more important thing, make sure your iPad is charged above 60% to avoid any interruption.
  • Now open the installer and follow instructions. And allow popcorn time installer to access your Ipad.
How to Install Popcorn Time on iPad


  • Once you turn on the flight mode, the installation will be started. Don’t do any other tasks while installation. Let it complete the process.


How to Install Popcorn Time on iPad

  •  When popcorn time is installed successfully you can disconnect your Ipad from your PC or Mac. 
  • Keep airplane mode turned on and run the application for the first time. When prompt pop-up tap trust and continue.  The application should work fine
How to Install Popcorn Time on iPad

  • In case the application isn’t working straight after installation. Follow these step;Settings > General > Profile & Device Management. Find the Popcorn Time profile, And choose Trust once, and prompted Trust again for confirmation.
  • Once the application starts working, You can turn off the airplane mode and can use your phone as regular
  1. And Tada! You have now access to thousands of popular movies, web series. Popcorn time application can be updated easily and provide access to the latest content with time.

Here are some frequently asked questions related to installing popcorn time on Ipad.

  • Does popcorn time support a wide aspect screen ratio?

Yes, it does support the latest screen ratio. But it solely depends on the movie you are watching. If it supports 16:9 you can watch it easily on full screen. Otherwise, it will go on an old ratio with black bars on the side.

You cant expand to fit the screen. If you are facing the constant issue of not seeing full-screen content, it must be a bug in the application. You can always check for popcorn time forum for ongoing bugs in the application

  • Can I download content to my phone from popcorn time?
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Yes, you can watch your favorite movies, web series offline on Ipad. The latest popcorn time application supports the offline mode.

  • Can I install it without Pc or mac?

No, you cannot install popcorn time on Ipad without Pc or Mac. Because the iPhone doesn’t support third party packages installation like an android. As you may know, you need Itunes to transfer music, photos, videos to your iphone. Hence you need to use a pc or mac to install popcorn time on Ipad.

  • Does it support playlist organization?

Yes, you can favorite your preferred shows to access them easily.  And can sort them as well.

  • What if it keeps crashing?

Usually, after a successful installation, there shouldn’t be any issues. But if you face any issue you can try reinstalling the application and can try different version depending on your Ios version

  • How to use popcorn time properly?

Using popcorn time is not rocket science. But you need to know some important tips to avoid any issues including security threats. To be on the safe side we recommend you to install a free VPN of your choice. And then use popcorn time.

This will ensure your activity is not tracking. Also never follow a link outside of the application. You may experience several pop-ups asking to leave the application. These can be threatful to your device.

Other than security tips, searching for your favorite show is very easy. Just search the keyword. There are also categories based on genres of movies and web series.

After searching you will have option to select quality i.e; 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Just like torrents, popcorn time gets updated by good quality with time.

  • Is popcorn time safe?

In a nutshell, it is safe to use as long as you follow precautions. Popcorn time has gained popularity and also faced allegations. There are many clones of application on the internet. Make sure you download it from the official website.

Always use a VPN while streaming on popcorn time

You should have knowledge of torrent clients because on the ground you are still downloading torrents.

Never allow application prompts to install anything. Many times while watching a movie application prompt you to download a separate codec pack to continue watching. Never click on them and follow the link because chances are high this is a malware attack

Never double click a movie to download as it can execute vulnerable commands

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How to Install Popcorn Time on iPad

Popcorn time is considered one of the best applications to access streaming content for free. This is because of its professionally themed UI design for easy to navigate interface with minimum lags. Also, it has a wide range of support for almost all devices.

You can use popcorn times on android, windows, ios, mac, and Linux. Other pirated streaming services don’t offer such support to multiple devices. This makes popcorn time one of the most tempting app for movie lovers.

How to Install Popcorn Time on iPad



We have shared a complete guide on how to install popcorn time on Ipad. You shall enjoy a lot of streaming your favorite content on the huge and beautiful screen of an Ipad. You can pair your headphones for a more rich experience and don’t forget to have some popcorns.

Team popcorn time has made it easier to access streaming content. Otherwise, you had to search for movies, web series on different torrent websites and then download it. It takes a lot of time and you can only do this conveniently on a PC or laptop.

But with popcorn time you can save time searching through thousands of torrent files. You will be having access to high-quality content within the application.

And one of the major points which makes this app growing like crazy is ios support without jailbreak. As we have mentioned in the guide here you can see it’s not rocket science to install popcorn time on Ipad. Similarly, you can install it on your iPhone.


One important and concerning fact about popcorn time is its copyright infringement. It is illegal all over the world to access copyright content for free. Though it’s common practice in our society to have a pirated version of almost everything. In some cases, this infringement can be a  serious danger for users.

As the application contains pirated content, there are high chances of having malicious ware which can include some other serious viruses. In worst cases, through these applications, someone can hack your phone. Keep all these factors in your mind while using any application like popcorn time.

Although it’s not recommended and this is the main reason why Apple has such a strict policy over third-party apps. But you can always use them with few precautions.

Keep yourself up to date about these application bugs and regularly update to avoid any mishaps Just follow our guide and install popcorn times on your iPad and enjoy. Don’t forget to leave feedback.

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