How to Lift a Heavy TV to a Wall Mount – Easy Steps

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Wall mounting your TV provides a clean, modern look while freeing up space in your room. But lifting a large, heavy flat screen up onto the wall mount can be challenging, especially if you’re doing it alone. A TV that weighs 50 pounds or more requires some strategizing to get it safely and securely mounted.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore techniques for safely lifting heavy televisions and maneuvering them onto wall mounting brackets. With the right equipment, proper planning, and step-by-step process, you can mount your big screen without strain or damage.

Assess the TV’s Weight

The first step is to understand the size and weight specifications of your particular TV model. TVs 50 inches and above often weigh anywhere from 40 to over 100 pounds! Refer to your manual or look up your make and model online to find:

  • The display size (50″, 55″, 60″ etc)
  • The exact weight in pounds
  • The best lift points on the chassis

This gives you an idea of the required force and what lifting equipment you may need. Prepare accordingly depending on whether your TV is 50, 80, or 100+ pounds.

Recruit Help

Do not attempt to lift and mount a heavy TV alone. Get a friend or family member to help with the process. Having someone to help with lifting and holes alignment makes things much easier. Ideally have two or more helpers to share the load.

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Use Proper Lifting Equipment

Depending on the exact weight, you may need special lifting tools beyond just human hands. Useful equipment includes:

  • Lifting straps – Straps wrap around the TV to provide solid handholds for lifting.
  • Suction cup lifters – Secure suction to the display to help bear the weight.
  • Mover’s dolly – A rolling dolly to move the TV across the floor.
  • Furniture sliders – Reduces friction when sliding the TV along a surface.

The right equipment reduces strain and ensures you can lift and maneuver the TV safely.

Prepare the Mount and Space

Before lifting begins, make sure your wall mount is properly installed and can support the TV’s weight. Clear out ample space around the wall so you have room to lift and mount the television. Remove any furniture or decorations that could obstruct or get damaged.

Check that you have all necessary tools nearby, including your drill, screwdriver, bolts, and stud finder. Preparation prevents accidents and complications.

Leave Protective Shipping Materials On

Modern flat screen TVs are fragile! Leave on as much factory packaging and protective shipping materials as possible during lifting and mounting. This includes:

  • Styrofoam corner protectors
  • Plastic wrapping around the chassis
  • Cardboard covering the screen
  • Shipping box, if moving a long distance

Only remove packaging at the very end when securely mounted. The extra padding tremendously reduces the likelihood of cracks or damage during the lift.

Lift Properly from Bottom Half

When ready to lift, be sure to grab only the bottom half of the TV’s chassis or frame. Never lift a large flat screen from the top portion or paneling. Gripping only the lower half helps prevent cracking or flexing of the delicate display as you lift.

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Have one person grasp each side, and make sure you both lift at the same time. Use any built-in handles or lift points on the bottom of the chassis.

Use Proper Body Mechanics

Bend your knees and keep your back straight when lifting the TV. Let your legs do the hard work! Tighten your core muscles and avoid twisting your body as you lift. Pivot your whole body together if you need to turn. Using proper body mechanics prevents injury.

Take rests if needed – don’t rush the process. Make incremental movements up the wall until the mount is lined up.

Remove Packaging Carefully

Once the bottom TV mounting holes are safely over their wall mount bolts, you can begin gradually removing protective packaging. Take off styrofoam corner pieces first but leave any front/back cardboard until fully secured.

Slowly peel off plastic wrapping and continue bolting the TV onto the mount one section at a time. Be patient and deliberate here to avoid cracks.

Secure TV onto the Mount

As more of the TV is revealed, securely bolt it onto the mount bracket using your drill and screwdriver. Follow the mount instructions and diagram for proper hardware and hole alignment. Having your helper continue holding weight reduces strain on the wall bracket.

Triple check that all bolts are tightened on the correct inset holes before letting go completely. The TV should be firmly and evenly fixed on the mount now.


Lifting and mounting a heavy, bulky TV is challenging. But with ample preparation, equipment, and help, you can safely get your flat screen secured on the wall. Just be sure to assess the weight, get help, use proper lifting tools, prepare the space, leave protective packaging on, lift from the bottom half, use good body mechanics, and take it slow. Soon you’ll be enjoying your perfectly wall-mounted TV!

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