How to Make Your TikTok Dark Mode – Guide

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How to Make Your TikTok Dark Mode
How to Make Your TikTok Dark Mode

How to Make Your TikTok Dark Mode – Guide

Tiktok is a very popular social media platform. Tiktok has more than 250 million users, who share thousands of videos every day.

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Tiktok offers many features such as stickers and emojis that make your video more attractive and fun. Tiktok also has many themes and filters so that you can change the style of your video easily. You can choose the dark mode for all android phones


Tiktok is a social media platform that allows you to share videos, create video chat rooms and send stickers. The app also has an in-app camera so that users can take selfies or record videos directly from their smartphone cameras.

Tiktok provides users with the ability to view content in either light mode or dark mode depending on the user’s preference.

Can you Make TikTok Dark mode?

Yes. You can make your TikTok dark mode on Android, iOS, Windows, and other platforms. In this tutorial, we will be implementing the dark theme functionality in our Android app using Kotlin and FragmentManager.

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How to Make Your TikTok Dark Mode on Android

  • Download Tiktok Dark Mode on your Android device
  • Install the app and open it for the first time on your mobile
  • Go to settings>display>dark mode
  • Turn on dark mode (you will see “Turn On”) and then restart your mobile

How to Make Your TikTok Dark Mode on IOS Mobile

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Tap General.
  • Tap Accessibility.
  • Tap Display Accommodations.
  • Tap Darken Colors.
  • Tap Enable Darken Colors, then tap Use Auto-Brightness if you want your device to automatically adjust its brightness when it’s dark outside or in a dimly lit room, or tap Don’t Use Auto-Brightness if you want to control your device’s brightness yourself.

How to Make Your TikTok Dark Mode on Windows

You must download and install the dark mode on your Windows.

Step 1: Download the app from this link.

Step 2: Open it and click on the “Download” button to start downloading the app on your computer screen.

Step 3: After completing the installation process, launch the application and get ready for using TikTok Dark Mode app for Windows 10, 8/8.1 & 7 PC/Laptop.

How to Make Your TikTok Dark Mode on Mac

To make your TikTok dark mode on Mac:

  • Download and install the TikTok app on your Mac computer from the App Store.
  • Launch the app, sign in with your TikTok account, and tap on the profile icon in the top-right corner of your screen to go back to the home page of this application. Then click on the Settings icon (gear-looking symbol) at the bottom left corner of the screen for options related to how you want to use this app without any hassle at all!
  • Scroll down till you find the Dark Mode option under the Theme section, then select it if want a dark theme everywhere instead of pássing through every single video link while browsing through feeds; otherwise, keep it unchecked if want a light theme only appearing occasionally when browsing through feeds but mostly stay using default theme which looks like normal website pages with white background color scheme rather than black one.. Make sure that you save changes before exiting this page because otherwise, all changes will disappear without saving them the first time around next time u open up TikTok again!
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We hope this article has helped you to understand how to make your TikTok dark mode. You may want to try out different themes, or even customize them with your own photos or graphics. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below!

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