How to Get Free Yousician Premium – Guide

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How to Get Free Yousician Premium
How to Get Free Yousician Premium

How to Get Free Yousician Premium – Guide

Yousician is an app that helps you learn to play music by ear. It’s available for the iPhone, Android and web browsers, so it doesn’t matter which device you use. You can try Yousician for free for 30 days and then decide whether or not it’s worth paying for.

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Yousician is a music learning app that helps you improve your skills by tracking your progress and providing personalized feedback. It’s available on Android and iOS, but it’s only free to download in 30 languages. To get it in English, you have to pay $10/month (or $15/month if you want the premium features).

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However, there are ways around this by getting it for free from other methods like using a VPN or signing up through an invite link.

How to Get a Free Yousician Premium Trial

The easiest way to access Yousician Premium for free is to make use of the free trial period offered. When you first install the Yousician app, you get a 7-day free trial of Yousician Premium.

This allows you full access to all Premium content and features for 7 days before requiring payment. Make the most of this trial period by practicing as much as you can. You can cancel the auto-renewal before the 7 days are up to avoid being charged.

Some ways to maximize the free trial:

  • Enable notifications so you are reminded to practice daily. The more you practice, the more value you get from the free trial.
  • Go through the lesson content sequentially. Try and cover as much content as possible in the 7 days. Make a schedule to ensure you practice for at least 1 hour daily.
  • Use the progress tracking features like statistics and charge. This will give you insights into your progress which can help you improve faster.
  • Provide feedback on lessons completed. This unlocks more advanced feedback from Yousician on your playing.
  • Complete your warm-up exercises each day. This will help you get better faster.
  • Explore features like Guitar Adventures and Artist Songs during the trial. This content can help keep practice interesting.

While a 7-day trial is short, it can give you a good feel for the Premium experience. And you may be able to access another free trial in the future by creating a new account.

Refer Friends

Yousician offers an incentive referral program that rewards you for referring new users to the app. For every friend you invite who signs up for a paid Yousician subscription, you get free Yousician Premium for 7 days.

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Here are some tips to get referrals:

  • Share your referral link via social media and messaging apps. Let friends know how much the app has helped improve your music skills.
  • Offer to teach your friends a song using Yousician. The hands-on experience can convince them of the app’s usefulness.
  • For musician friends, highlight Yousician features like in-depth analytics, guitar tabs, and backing tracks that can aid their practice.
  • For friends learning an instrument, emphasize how Yousician can make the learning process more engaging and structured.
  • Send reminder messages to friends you’ve shared your referral link with. Gently following up increases the chance of them signing up.

As long as you can get 4 friends to subscribe every month, you can get 28 days of free access which is near enough a full month. The key is persistence and targeting the right friends likely to be interested.

Use Family Sharing (iOS only)

If you have an iOS device, the Family Sharing feature allows you to share app purchases and subscriptions with up to 5 family members. Here’s how you can leverage Family Sharing to gain free access to Yousician Premium:

  • Set up Family Sharing via the iOS settings and add family members to the group.
  • Have a family member who is willing to pay for the Yousician Premium subscription for a month.
  • Get them to purchase the Yousician Premium monthly subscription via the iOS app.
  • This subscription purchase will now be shared with the entire family group thanks to Family Sharing.
  • The family member paying for the subscription can cancel auto-renewal after the first month to avoid being charged again.
  • You now have free access to Yousician Premium for 1 month thanks to the shared subscription.
  • When the subscription eventually expires, you can request another family member to purchase a shared subscription for the next month.

By rotating the family member paying for the subscription each month, you can continue gaining free Premium access indefinitely. Just be mindful to cancel the auto-renewals.

Leverage Google Opinion Rewards

The Google Opinion Rewards app provides Play Store credits in exchange for completing short surveys. These credits can be used to purchase paid apps and subscriptions.

Follow these steps to use Google Opinion Rewards to gain free Yousician Premium:

  • Install the Google Opinion Rewards app from the Play Store on your Android device. Complete the initial setup.
  • Respond to any surveys available in the app. Be honest when answering survey questions.
  • Wait for Google to add credits to your account balance based on surveys completed. Each survey gives about $0.10 to $1.
  • Once you have enough credits, open the Yousician app and use the credits to purchase a 1-month Premium subscription.
  • Make sure to cancel the auto-renewal immediately to avoid being charged after the 1 month.
  • Keep completing surveys periodically to earn more credits for your next Premium purchase.

While Google rewards are unpredictable, consistent survey participation can earn you enough credits every month for free Premium access. Just budget properly and redeem the credits wisely.

Take Advantage of Promotional Offers

Yousician occasionally offers special promotional offers that allow free or discounted access to Premium content for limited periods.

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Some common promotions to look out for:

  • Free 1-week Premium trials (for lapsed users or new users)
  • Premium subscriptions at 50% off for the first month
  • 3 months of Premium for the price of 1 month
  • Periodic holiday sales e.g. Free Premium weekends
  • Sweepstakes and giveaways for free Premium codes

Follow Yousician’s social media pages and subscribe to their email newsletter to stay updated on the latest promotions. Enabling notifications will ensure you never miss a deal.

Jumping on these time-bound promotions as soon as you discover them is key to enjoying Premium benefits for free or cheap. But remember to disable auto-renewal right after purchasing the promotion to avoid surprise charges.

Use Yousician Modded APKs (Android only)

Modded or hacked APK files of the Yousician Android app can be found online that offer Premium unlocked for free. However, use extreme caution before installing any modded APK.

Here are the key risks to evaluate:

  • High risk of viruses that can damage your device and compromise your personal data. Only download from sources you can trust.
  • Modded APKs violate Yousician’s terms and conditions and can get your account banned if detected.
  • Premium features may be broken or buggy since it is an unofficial version.
  • You will no longer receive app updates which means missing out on new features and bug fixes.

If you do decide to use a modded APK, make sure to install at your own risk on an alternate device instead of your primary device. Avoid entering any sensitive login or payment information within the modded app.

Use Gift Cards

If you receive a Google Play or App Store gift card, you can redeem it to purchase 1 month of Yousician Premium without spending any of your own money.

You can get gift cards:

  • As gifts for birthdays or holidays
  • Via reward programs like Swagbucks or through participating credit cards
  • As part of promotions or sweepstakes
  • By trading-in unwanted gift cards you already have

Unless the gift card value matches the Premium fee exactly, you will likely need to pay a small co-pay for the subscription. Remember to disable auto-renewal right after purchasing the 1-month subscription to avoid being charged.

Switch to Yearly Billing

While a monthly Yousician Premium subscription costs $19.99, an annual subscription is $119.99. That comes out to only $9.99 per month, almost 50% off.

If you are able to afford the lumpsum yearly payment, you get 12 months of Premium access at a significant discount. This can help you enjoy Premium features for an entire year without breaking the bank.

Just make sure to set a calendar reminder to cancel the auto-renewal 11 months after purchasing the annual plan. This will ensure you do not get charged the full price after the first year is up.

Team Up with Friends

To make the cost of a Premium subscription more affordable, you can team up with a group of friends who are also interested in Yousician Premium.

By sharing the cost, the per person price becomes cheaper. Here are some ways to implement cost sharing:

  • Have each person contribute equally to purchase a single 1-year family plan subscription that supports up to 5 users. This brings down the per person annual cost to about $24.
  • Take turns buying the 1-month Premium subscription each month and share the login details with the group.
  • If on iOS, use Family Sharing with each person taking turns to purchase the shared subscription monthly.
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Cost sharing allows everyone to access Premium at a lower individual cost. Just make sure everyone uses separate profiles and devices to avoid issues.

Wait for Black Friday/Holiday Sales

Around major holidays like Black Friday and Christmas, Yousician usually offers deep discounts on Premium subscriptions. If you can hold off, it may be worth waiting for these seasonal sales.

Some tips:

  • Mark your calendars with the major sales periods so you do not forget. Common sale months are November, December, July.
  • Follow Yousician on social media and subscribe to email alerts for early access to sale announcements.
  • During the sales, act fast to purchase the discounted Premium subscription before the coupons sell out.
  • Set a calendar reminder to disable auto-renewal shortly after purchasing, to avoid paying full price later.

With the major sales, you can often buy a 1-year Premium subscription for as little as $59.99. That works out to just $5 per month, a fraction of the regular $19.99 fee.

Follow Yousician on Social Media

Yousician often runs flash giveaways and contests on social media where Premium subscription codes are given out as prizes.

By following their accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok, you can discover these contests early and increase your chances of winning.

Some tips for winning:

  • Turn on notifications for their accounts so you never miss a contest announcement.
  • Competitions usually involve simple actions like liking, sharing or commenting. Respond promptly to have a better shot.
  • Tag your musician friends to increase visibility and chances of winning.
  • Contests with a creativity element (videos, art etc) tend to have fewer entries, boosting odds of winning.
  • Persist and participate regularly. The more contests you enter, the higher probability of winning eventually.

Scoring even one 1-month Premium code can give you free access for 30 days.

Write to Yousician Support

If you cannot afford a Premium subscription due to financial hardship, it may be worth emailing Yousician Support explaining your situation. Some users have reported receiving 1-month free Premium grants when they reached out to Support with valid reasons.

Some tips for writing:

  • Be honest but polite in your email. Don’t demand free access.
  • Briefly explain why you are unable to pay e.g. student, unemployed, health issues.
  • Mention how Premium access can help you continue learning during tough times by reducing stress.
  • Include that you are a loyal fan who frequently promotes Yousician to friends.
  • Promise to return to a paid subscription once your situation improves.

While there is no guarantee of a response, being reasonable and thoughtful in your appeal can increase the chance of Yousician granting you temporary free Premium access.


Yousician Premium offers an enhanced lesson experience but requires a paid subscription. Luckily there are creative ways to access Premium for free or at big discounts by making the most of trial periods, promotions, sharing programs, rewards apps and more. Use multiple strategies for the best chance of reducing the cost to zero. With persistence, you can unlock the full potential of Yousician without having to pay a premium.

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