10 Gadgets you would use while on a plane trip

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10 Gadgets you would use while on a plane trip

Everyone who has traveled by plane or made a long-distance trip knows all those little things that could make our adventure a more pleasant and enjoyable experience. When we travel by plane, we come across unconventional situations, which nuances can be easily solved with the help of technology.


In this article we are going to present you the 10 most practical gadgets that perhaps you did not know existed, to use while you are on that business or pleasure trip by plane. These elements will be listed in no particular order. It is about listing all those electronic gadgets that in some way could make our life much easier during a plane trip, without priority or value judgments of one over another.

1 – VAGO compression bags

Are you one of those who always needs extra space in the suitcase? Well, you’re going to love the VAGO compression bags. With these bags you can vacuum pack your clothes like little meat packets in a supermarket. Your things will continue to weigh the same (beware of this when checking in, especially if you only travel with hand luggage), but they will take up much less space, so you will fit much more in the same suitcase. You can save up to 50 percent space! Using them is infinitely easy: you take your things (ideally clothes), put them in the bag and make the vacuum with a small device that comes with it. Easier is impossible!

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2 – Twelve South AirFly Pro Bluetooth transmitter

This device could be the key to kill our boredom during a long flight, allowing us to watch movies on a plane without the internet. There are numerous alternatives for this, but not all of them do their job without compromising in some way the audio quality we hear.

This transmitter can be connected directly to the 3.5 mm audio output in our plane seat, and once paired with our Bluetooth headset, mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, we can listen directly with our headphones to the audio transmitted in the aircraft. You have also the possibility to transmit to 2 devices wirelessly at the same time. Super convenient!

3 – Bluesmart S2 Passport Pouch

Are you the typical traveler who always loses his passport (or his ID, or his credit cards, or his money… you name it), or do you live in a panic because that happens to you quite often? Nothing to fear, the Bluesmart S2 passport bag will always have your things under control. This bag incorporates an electronic device that you can connect to your mobile phone to locate it at all times. If you don’t know where the bag is? You ask your mobile phone and it tells you.

You can activate an alarms on your mobile and, from time to time, it reminds you where it is. Without a doubt, the Bluesmart S2 passport bag is the ideal travel gadget for the most clueless.

4 – Powernap Audio Mask

Resting during a trip is the dream of every traveler, although when it comes down to it, few are the ones who really manage to fulfill it. To the rescue of all those who fight sleep while traveling has come the Powernap Audio Mask, some sort of mask that isolates you from the light and sound around you. Not only that, the Powernap Audio Mask has a built-in audio system that connects with Breatonics and helps control breathing and heartbeat, as well as a comfortable and refreshing memory foam so you don’t wake up looking like you’ve slept on a plane.

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5 – Satechi Type-C 75W Multiport Travel Charger

Why go around with 80 chargers when you can only carry one? The Satechi 75W Type-C multi-port charger you can charge all your devices simultaneously without having to worry about cables and plugs. This super versatile charger supports up to 4 devices simultaneously and is so powerful that it can charge a laptop, a mobile phone and two other gadgets at the same time. And it’s fast as a bullet. It can charge a device to 50 percent in just 30 minutes!

6 – TENDO Emergency Charger

Every traveler knows that there are times when there is no electricity in sight. For those cases, it is the TENDO CHARGER emergency charger, which has a 1000mAh battery capable of extending the life of your mobile phone-type electronic devices by 30/50 percent. In addition, it has a built-in connector so you won’t have to worry about cables either. A basic survival gadget that also takes up almost no space, get it!

7 – Panasonic Handheld Steam Iron

Wrinkled clothes when you go on a trip is unavoidable. In fact, you can avoid it with the Panasonic handheld steam iron. Much easier and faster than a normal iron, with it you can remove wrinkles from your clothes in a couple of minutes. You will only need to plug it and pour a little water (to make the steam). Thanks to its steel surface you can bring it closer to the clothes and wrinkles will disappear without fear of burning them. And so, in the blink of an eye, even the most scruffy backpacker will be all tidy.

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8 – UV Pro Shoe Sanitizer

If your traveling problem is that after a few days your shoes start to stink inside your suitcase, your ideal gadget will be the UV Pro Shoe Sanitizer. This shoe sanitizer kills germs on shoes, clothes, bags and whatever else it is needed. It is wireless, rechargeable and very light. Perfect to kill any bacteria or microorganism and its bad smell! 

9 – HP Sprocket Mobile Printer 

At this point in life it is almost impossible to separate trips and photos. What better way to remember a trip than to see its photos? With the HP Sprocket mobile printer you can print your memories instantly, either to make an album during your route, or to share them with friends you make along the way. As easy as selecting the photos you want to print from a simple application and print them! Well, nice and very fast. 

10 – Re-Timer portable light therapy glasses 

You will never suffer jetlag with time changes again when using Re-Timer glasses. Developed to adjust your body clock in just 30 minutes, these glasses can be worn while eating breakfast or watching movies on a plane; the green-blue light they produce helps to reduce the uncomfortable effects of the time change such as fatigue, insomnia, irritability or lack of concentration. The best thing is that they are very light (75 grams) and can be recharged from any USB connection.

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