How to Charge a NextBook Without a Charger – Easy Steps

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How to Charge a NextBook Without a Charger

How to Charge a NextBook Without a Charger – Easy Steps

Tablet PCs are new modern computer system that not only offers great functionality but also they come in a smaller size.

These are usually smaller than laptops but bigger than your smartphones, also they offer a pleasant mix of power and fun that you won’t find in other devices.

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Before a group of experts guessed that by 2015 300 million of units will be sold and that’s exactly what happened. By 2015, many offices are already using these tablets to control their business. It’s like a smart to handle everything.


Speaking specifically about NextBook which is one of the numerous brands that is focused on providing budget-priced tablets and laptops. NextBook makes its way into the market with the Google Android operating system.

With the Google Android Operating system in hand, the next primary concern becomes hardware. NextBook is continuously tweaking and upgrading their line-up.

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Usually, these tablets don’t come with cutting edge technologies, loads of RAM. Instead, they come with slower processors, fewer features, less RAM and low storage capacity that befits budget-priced machines.

Some facts about NextBook

The very first fact of NextBook is that they are in partnership with Barnes & Nobles. The highlighting feature of the NextBook is that they facilitate their users in the United States by giving them access to use the Nook app to find and download a new book.

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For users in Canada, they engage the users with the help of the Kobo app instead. If we compare with other e-readers, NextBook users are having an absolute advantage. The display of the device is full of colours, is great for Web-Surfing and other tasks.

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Coming to your concern i.e. “how to charge a NextBook without a charger” well that’s not much of a problem. Everything has a solution in today’s era. And that’s why we done some deep research and found several ways by which you can charge NextBook without a charger.

Having said that let’s just not forget that it’s not good to use any other charger to charge your phone, tablet or laptop other than its original charger. It might affect the battery life of your device.

But no need to worry if you have lost the original charger your tablet, we are going to list 4 epic ways to charge your tablet or laptop that could really help you out in unusual circumstances and won’t affect the laptop battery much.

On that note, not wait further, let’s jump on the article.

How to charge a NextBook without a charger

Method #1 charging with the help of USB ports

Usually, USB ports can be found in airports, hotels and if you are lucky you can also find them at coffee shops. These USB ports have enough power to charge a standard smartphone, tablet or a laptop.

You might find the USB ports in hotels somewhere around the lamps or beside the table. These USB ports are of USB-A type which means that they are suitable for all smartphones or tablet.

For tablets and laptops USB Type-C is a power full ally.

while for notebooks or laptops, Type-C connector is good as they have enough power to recharge your laptop effectively. Follow the written steps to charge your tablet or laptop via USB ports.

Step 1:

Plug the one end of the USB charging cable into the USB port available on your tablet or laptop.

Step 2:

Plug the other end in to socket.

And that’s it done. See how easy it was.

Method #2 Charge with the help of a power pack

There are chances that you won’t be able to find a USB port. In such a situation, an alternative way to charge your tablet or laptop is that having a “Power Pack” also known as “Power Bank.” A little spoiler this method *it might be heavy on your pocket*

How power banks works?

A power bank is simply a storage device that is used to store energy. It consists of input and output ports. The input port of the power banks serves as the connection to the charger while the output port is where the power bank connects to the device.

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When talking about portable power banks, where the input and output connectors are already USB compatible. When you charge the power bank it stores the energy in itself and when you connect the power bank to the device the power bank serves as a power source for the tablet or laptop.

Follow the step mentioned below to charge the tablet with the help of the power pack.

Step 1:

Charge the power bank at home and you can carry it anywhere with yourself.

Step 2:

If your tablet runs out of battery, you can connect it to the power bank.

Method #4 Charge your tablet with a car charger

Nowadays, vehicle carrying USB ports is very common. These USB ports are very useful when it comes to charging your smartphones, tablets and even your laptops . If there isn’t USB port in your car, then you can adapter that plugs in to your car. This adapter enables you to charge your tablet or phone in car through USB ports.

Step 1:

Start your car or you can also turn it into accessory mode.

Step 2:

Plug one end of the USB port in to the car’s USB port or adapter and the other end in to your tablet or laptop.

So that’s how you can charge the Toshiba tablet or any other tablet or smartphone without charger. In case you are concerned about charging a battery directly, don’t worry we have got it covered it too. Read out the remaining part of our article to find out.

Method 5: Using a battery to charge a battery

Step 1:

First of all, remove the battery from the tablet or laptop. To charge the battery, you’ll need to access the connection points on the battery. Remember that the battery isn’t intended to be accessed on certain models on the tablets or laptop. All most (not all) android and Windows phone’s battery can be removed by applying the appropriate amount of pressure in just the right spot. Don’t try that of Apple device.

Step 2:

The next thing you need to do is to find some AA, AAA or 9-volt batteries. Now, you need to charge your battery instead of than attempt to hotwire your electronic device and use the alternative batteries directly. Be careful with it because using the improper amount of voltage can damage the complex circuitry.

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Step 3:

Next thing you need to do is to identify the negative and positive end connectors on the battery. AAA batteries and other household batteries comes with marked positive ends. In most of the cell phones the positive connector is that which is closer to the edge, while the negative connector is usually farthest from the edge.

Step 4:

Now, match the voltage and power you need to charge and other battery. Look at the back of your laptop to find out the amount of voltage it uses for charging. By making the calculations according to it buy that AA or AAA 9V batteries. Remember that single AA or AAA battery gives 1.5V.

Step 5:

Get a metal wire. These wires come in covering of plastic insulation except for the exposed ends.

Step 6:

Join, tape or clamp the wires to the battery that will provide the charge to the other battery that requires charging. If these wires get hot, no need to panic because this is a part of the process if they don’t then you aren’t doing it properly. It will take a longer time to transfer the change. It’s not necessary to keep them holding all the time.

If you are using AAA or AA batteries, you can connect h them in series before connecting them to the battery requiring a change. It refers to that wire to connect the negative side of small batteries to the negative connectors on the battery that needs a charge and same connection for the positive side.

Step 7:

By doing so, your battery will be charged. Remember that it won’t be fully charged but at least it’ll get your laptop charged a little so you can use it for a while.

Final words

So these are all the method by which you can charge the tablet or battery without using the battery. We have listed several methods so you can use whichever method suits best to you. Kindly let us know in the comments section if this article helped you out. Share it with your friends. Thankyou.


Can you charge a laptop with a phone charger?

Yes, you can if you laptop has a USB type-C port and your phone charger should also be of Type-C USB.

Can you charge a laptop via HDMI?

No. charging requires the sources by which the electricity can be transferred from power source to the destination and HDMI can’t do that.

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