How to Get OkCupid Premium For Free – 3 Methods

How to Get OkCupid Premium For Free
How to Get OkCupid Premium For Free

How to Get OkCupid Premium For Free – 3 Methods

OkCupid is an online dating site that matches people based on their interests, as well as their answers to personal questions. It’s free to use, but if you want access to all the features it has to offer, then you’ll need a premium account. Thankfully, there are ways of getting one for free!

How Does OkCupid Work?

OkCupid is a dating site that connects you with other users based on your answers to questions. This way, OkCupid can match you with people who share similar interests and preferences.

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You do not need to pay to use OkCupid’s services; however, there are several premium features that require payment in order to access them. If you want one of these premium features but don’t want (or can’t) pay for it, this article will teach you how to get an OKCupid premium account for free!

What Is The Cost of OkCupid Premium?

The cost of OkCupid Premium is $9.99 per month, or $29.99 per quarter, or $59.99 per year.

OkCupid Premium is a paid subscription that gives you access to additional features.

How to get OkCupid Premium for free?

OkCupid Premium is a paid subscription service that gives you access to some features that are not available on the free version of OKC, including:

  • Super Likes – You can use these to let someone know you’re really interested in them. For example, they’ll appear as a blue star next to their username and your message will stand out more.
  • Undo Swipe/Unmatch – This is useful if you accidentally swiped left on someone or if someone wrongfully matches with you (which happens). You can also unmatch people through this feature.
  • Filters – This makes it way easier for users to search for people who match their preferences such as age range and location.

You can get OkCupid Premium for free by using our OkCupid Premium Hack #1: Answer Questions To Unlock Features

OkCupid Premium Hack #1: Answer Questions to Unlock Features

There are two ways to unlock OkCupid’s premium features. You can either pay for a membership or you can take advantage of a hack. This hack is extremely simple, but it will only work in certain situations.

The first step is answering all of the questions on the profile page. When you finish answering all of them, there will be an option to unlock features. If your answers don’t match up with theirs (as shown below), then this method won’t work for you!

OkCupid Premium Hack #2: Become an A-Lister

  • Become an A-Lister

You can become an A-Lister by getting your profile noticed by others. How to do this is beyond the scope of this article, but you should know that A-listers get more messages and more responses than other members, so it’s well worth the effort.

  • Be active on OkCupid

The more active you are on OkCupid, the better your chances of becoming an A-Lister will be. This means responding to messages in a timely manner, answering questions in a thoughtful way (but not too much), and generally engaging with other users on the site in order for them to find out about you and like what they see! The best part about this method is that all these things help keep your account active even after becoming an A-Lister because it’s not as easy as just clicking “like” or “unsubscribe”.

OkCupid Premium Hack #3: Sign Up For More Dating Sites

Another method to get OkCupid Premium for free is by signing up for other dating sites. For example, if you have Tinder Plus but not OkCupid Premium and you want to get it, simply sign up on eHarmony or and use the same email address as your Tinder account.

Then go into the settings menu of your account and change your profile name from “Tinder” to something else that nobody is going to search for on these sites (like “Guysnswords”). You can do this because nobody is going to search for the word “guysnswords” on these sites anyway since it’s an odd username choice!

Once you’ve changed your username, go into Settings again and change your password so that nobody can access it anymore if they try hacking into your account using a brute force attack (which involves using software with millions of different possible passwords). Next thing you know, once someone tries accessing any other accounts associated with this email address they’ll find out that all three are restricted!

Now that we’ve done all this work setting up new usernames/passwords on each one of our accounts—and getting paid nothing since none were real profiles—all we need now is our payment method information set up so that when someone pays for an upgrade in their premium membership plan through PayPal or another system like Apple Pay or Google Wallet, etc., we collect those funds ourselves instead of giving them directly back where they came from originally from before entering full court press mode here:

You can get a lot more out of OkCupid by having a premium account, without paying a cent.

You can get a lot more out of OkCupid by having a premium account, without paying a cent.

You can earn a lot of free premium accounts by answering questions and completing other tasks on the site. You’ll get one just for signing up, plus you’ll be able to earn additional ones by completing offers from companies like Spotify, Hulu, and Uber that are advertised on OkCupid’s home page.

You can sign up for more dating sites to earn more free premium accounts, too! Just add your email address to sites like Coffee Meets Bagel or Zoosk (which also has an app). Once you’ve signed up with them and linked your Facebook profile so they know if you’re single or not, they’ll give away free months’ worth of their paid memberships as well as send daily match recommendations based on your interests.


There you have it, 3 different ways to get OkCupid premium for free. We recommend trying out our first method: answering questions and seeing if that gets you any benefits. If not then the second method is perfect for those of you who want to become an A-Lister. And lastly, signing up on more dating sites might be worth considering as well!

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