How to Remove Link you Copied on Android – Easy Method

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How to Remove Link you Copied on Android

How to Remove Link you Copied on Android – Easy Method

In this article, we are covering “How to remove Link you copied on Android.” Let’s start with the introduction of the topic: Have you ever wondered how the copy and paste mechanism works? Copy and paste are the command in the Computer User interface and one of the most commonly used and important methods that we use to transfer data from one location to another location.

While some of you might be thinking that cut and paste is the same as copy and paste, the answer is no. In cut and paste, the content you are selecting gets moved to a new location, disappearing from the previous location.

While in the copy and paste the content just create a copy of itself in the new desired location. Whether you are a student or doing a professional job, the copy and paste feature saves a lot of time and effort.

The copy action selects the content and stores it in a temporary location that we also called clipboard, this clipboard is invisible to the users and can be accessed through keyboard and phone settings.

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When the users use the paste command the content that is on the clipboard is passed into the particular place where you want it to be. The functionality is pretty basic and useful and comes in all of the operating systems. Here are some little things that you should be careful about:

If you cut or copy anything and then paste it anywhere then it is fine, but if you have already used the cut or copy option and then again you cut or copy anything then you’ll lose the previous content forever if it’s not saved anywhere else. This feature is enough for some of us but some, want more that helps in satisfying their user experience.

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Like some of us know how to copy and paste the content but they might not know how to remove the link you copied on Android.

So, in this article, we are going to tell you how to remove the link you copied on android. Let’s start and find out the best ways to improve the functionality.

How to Remove Link you Copied on Android

Copying things and pasting them is simple and easy, but it’s not always intuitive if you are new to an android device or looking for more things to discover. Here’s what to do when

Firstly, you need to select some text, in most of the applications, like chrome, firefox, Opera, etc. you can select the text by long-pressing over the content that you want to copy. 

How to Remove Link you Copied on Android

Then, you will see two blue colored handles, use the handles to adjusts the highlighted section to select the text that you want to copy. You are also getting an option to “Select All” which means to select all the content over that page. Use the “Select All” option if you want to select all the text.

Note: There are some apps such as Twitter, Google Maps where you won’t get to see the blue handles when you press long. Instead, on long pressing over the content, the system will copy the whole tweet or whole area for you.

To paste

Now that you have copied the content. Now, navigate to where you want the content to be placed. On reaching that place, a long press on the text field, and the system will give you an option to paste the copied content.

How to Remove Link you Copied on Android

How to Remove Link you Copied on Android and what does it do?

Well, we all usually copy and paste function in your android devices, PCs, etc. All you need to do is to long-press, copy the context, and then go to the area where you want it to paste.

This prompt will make it easier for you, on tapping over the address bar in Google to enter the URL.

If you have copied the URL link before in your clipboard before only and only then the chrome will show you a prompt, giving you an option to paste the content you copied before.

On tapping the “Paste” button from that prompt, the copied text or URL will be pasted in the address bar.

How to Remove Link you Copied on Android

In Incognito window

It also appears on the incognito window, which sometimes becomes annoying when you are working in a hurry.

Removing the link on copied on android

If you want to remove the link on copied on android, there are two simple solutions for you:

  • First, you can select another text, once you copy it the copied link will be erased and new text will be added to the clipboard.
  • The second option you have is to clear up the clipboard.

Well, clearing up the clipboard is another whole story:

How to clear the clipboard in android?

So you have been copying things for a while and now you just want to delete the content that is of no more use to you or if you are curious that your private data might be exposed to anyone or you want to get rid of a chunk of data that is just covering up space and is of no use to you, then don’t worry as there are various ways to clear the clipboard on android.

If you have copied some private data that includes login credentials and phone numbers then it better gets erased before it gets into the wrong hands.

In the Clipper Clipboard manager app, you will be seeing three sections named Lists, Clipboard, and snippets. Go to the desired section and then select the notes or selection that you want to delete. You will see the three dots on the right side of the selection.

You see a delete option, tap on the delete icon to clear the clipboard.

How to Remove Link you Copied on Android

Method 1:

Firstly, you need to find the android clipboard clear options. Now, tap on the clipboard icon to open the Android clipboard. Now that you have discovered the clipboard content that you have ever copied, you will see the three dots across every clipboard, click on it.

It will give you two options “delete from clipboard” and “Lock to clipboard

How to Remove Link you Copied on Android

Method 2: Clearing the Clipboard via Clipboard menu

  • Firstly, go to any app that allows you to copy and paste, now bring up your keyboard, and tap on the spacebar until it brings up the clipboard menu. In this example, we are using Samsung notes but it doesn’t matter you can use any of the apps that allow you to copy or paste the content in it.
  • Now, from the displayed list, click on the clipboard. All the items that you have ever copied on the clipboard will be displayed on the bottom of the phone.
How to Remove Link you Copied on Android

Disabling the “paste the link you copied” prompt

There is a flag in the chrome://flags that is used to disable the “paste the link you copied” (clipboard URL suggestion) prompt.  But unfortunately, this flag is no longer available.

So, the best option you have is to clear out the clipboard. By clearing the clipboard, there won’t be any notes left to paste. The option to paste the link you copied will not appearanymore.

And if you want to take your copy and paste option skills to another level, then some apps can help you do so. With these applications, you can enhance and improve the copy-pasteon your android. Those apps are:

  • Clipper:

The quicker and faster option that offers a lot of features and option to enhance your copy and paste on android. Like you can copy multiple texts at once and many more features.

  • Any copy:

Another great alternative in terms of security.

  • Swift key:

It’s a wholesome featured keyboard with the clipboard manager that offers amazing features.

Wrapping up

So, this was all about how to remove the link you copied in android.  We hope this article would help you.

Thank you.

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