How to Find Xbox One IP Address without TV- 6 Step Process

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How to Find Xbox One IP Address without TV

How to Find Xbox One IP Address without TV- 6 Step Process

So you are unable to connect your Xbox One gaming console with the associated apps because you do not have a TV and looking for how to find an Xbox One IP address without a TVOkay, we got it. Read the article to know how you can find the IP address in six easy peasy steps.

In the world of gaming consoles, Xbox One is a well-known name. The wide range of games and high-quality features is something astonishing. But when it comes to finding the IP address of the Xbox One, many gamers get stuck!

The associated Xbox One gaming console apps have the attribute to scan the IP address automatically. But when they don’t, you need to enter the Xbox One IP address to connect it with the associated apps. No doubt, you can effortlessly find the IP address using a TV. But what if you do not have a TV?

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Do you know how to find Xbox One IP address without TVOr is it even possible? A big Yes! You can effortlessly find the IP address of the Xbox One gaming console by following the below process.

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How to Find Xbox One IP Address without TV?

So, are you ready to step in the process of finding the Xbox One IP address without TV? But before you step into the process, there is a disclaimer.

There is a possibility that you may not find the IP address of the Xbox One gaming console via this process. The reason why we say so is because of the scanning app you will use.

The eligibility of this process depends on the performance of the scanning tool. So make sure to use a legit scanning tool. Or, for better results, use the one have recommended below.

So now, without any further due, let’s get straight into the step-by-step process.

Step# 1: Power ON the Xbox One Gaming Console

Press the power button on the Xbox One gaming console. Wait for 1-2 minutes until the console switches ON. Switching the Xbox One console ON is necessary because the process will take place only when the console is powered ON.

Step# 2: Connect Your Xbox One with an Internet Connection

After powering ON the Xbox One gaming console, you have to connect it with a stable Internet Connection. If you earlier have linked the console with an Internet Connection, then it will join automatically.

Now make sure that the Internet Connection is stable. If you are using Wi-Fi, then ensure the signals are strong. Or, if you are using the Ethernet, assure the cords are linked correctly with the Xbox One console and the router.

Step# 3: Free IP Address Scanning Tool

Now is the time to show the real magic. Since you do not have a TV to find your Xbox One IP address, you need to download a free IP address scanning tool.

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Now it is up to you to use a smartphone or a laptop to download the IP scanning tool. The best IP scanning tools you can use are;

  • NetCat
  • Angry IP Scanner
  • Slitheris Network Discovery 
  • Advanced IP Scanner
  • Nmap
  • SolarWinds Port Scanner
  • LanSweeper IP Scanner

These tools are one of the best in the business. Try to download a portable version of the IP scanner. The reason that we are recommending downloading a manageable scanning tool version is because of its out-class performance. The transferable tool does not drop any root or connection in the system.

Step# 4: Run the IP Address Scanner

After downloading the IP address scanning tool on your smartphone or laptop, run it so that it scans the IP addresses. The scanning media can take around 1-2 minutes to browse the addresses or maybe more, depends on which tool you use and how stable your internet connection is.

The IP address scanning tool will scan all IP addresses till connected with your device. 

Step# 5: Find Your Xbox One IP Address

After running, the IP address scanning tool will display a large-scale list of IP addresses. Now here is your task to find the IP address of your Xbox One gaming console. In standard instances, the name of the gaming console “Xbox One” displays, but if not, then find the related ones.

You may find related names like gaming or something like that. After getting the related one, record it immediately.

Step# 6: Enter Your Xbox One IP Address

Now enter the Xbox One IP address you record from the scanning tool in the remote play application. During this whole process, you have to make sure that the internet connection is stable. Now, after entering the IP address, you can connect to your Xbox One gaming console without any trouble.

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You can also save this IP address as Static to prevent it from changing.

Wrapping Up!

After this article, we are pretty sure that you must have found the IP address of your Xbox One gaming console without a TV. Due to the advancement in technology, finding solutions for hectic problems is easy peasy lemon squeezy.

We again recommend you download a legit IP address scanning tool. Do not download a paid tool. Find the free and portable version. The manageable version of the scanning tool will allow you to remove all the links and roots once the work is done.

Lastly, the IP address you note from this method, make sure to keep it safe. Do not lose the Xbox One IP address. Otherwise, you will have to follow the same process again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it worth investing in Xbox One gaming console?

A big yes! Investing in an Xbox One gaming console is a worthy investment. With this gaming console, you can enjoy video gaming on smartphones with a wide variety of high-resolution games.

Which IP address scanning tool is the best?

The online market is full of IP address scanning tools. We already have mentioned the best of the best above. Check the list and find the one you think is the best. Also, all the mentioned IP address scanning tools are free.

Do you need a TV for an Xbox One gaming console?

Yes! You need a TV for an Xbox One gaming console. But you can have any TV you want. There is no restriction to have a smart TV. The Xbox One gaming console has the features to turn your TV into a smart one.

Can you connect Xbox One to TV without HDMI?

Unfortunately, no! In this case, you do not have an option. In simple words, if you try to connect the TV with an Xbox One without HDMI cable, then your Xbox One will stop displaying.

Does the Xbox One IP address change?

You can save the IP address of the Xbox One in two styles; Dynamic and Static. The dynamic IP address is the one that changes with location and every time you reset your router. While on the other hand, the Static IP address remains the same, no matter what.So, if you want your Xbox One IP address to remain unchanged, then set it as the Static IP address.

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